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    sugar Member is in simple a solution of water and salt.....since injecting water alone in the body is poisonous where it affect the osmotic pressure of our celles and thereby can be very dangerous, salt is added into water to make a solution that is in balance with our cells natural osmotic pressure making it completetly healthy and unharmful.....Saline is usually used in hospital to rehydrate patients.
    check wikipedia for further info:

    besides hospital, it is also used in the SM World.....thanks to Saline, SM Masters can devise unusual, yet extremely painful torments, bringing joy and even orgasm to their models and subs.
    see with yourself






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    I didnt look

    but I did want to say thanks for warning me! =D
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    sugar Member problem littlepet
    I got a little disturbed by these pics too, but I was wondering what they are injecting the models with, then I discovered it is the same iv we use at hospital so I liked to write a thread about it.

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