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  1. davida50000

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    I am really not one to judge, nor do i want to be one to judge.

    Recently i have heard on the news that 2 boys (ages 9 and 11) tortures 2 other kids aged (8 and 10). They managed to hit them with bricks, hit them with poles, burn their eyes with cigarettes and make them be sexual with each other. You can read the story here for yourself:

    Basically what im getting to here, is i enjoy a little pain, it is fun, eg: ice, nipple torture, whip, that type of thing.


    It is only good when both party's are in agreement... I just dont understand how 2 kids could do this to 2 other kids, i really scares me and makes me wonder what the world is coming to. It said on the news that one of the boys pleaded to be left to die from being in so much pain.

    Ive also read online about people who really are sadists and how they really would love to kill people, i just done understand what is going through their mind, or how they could do such terrible things, and the victim cant do anything about it, how can someone put someone else in so much pain, i know they can...but i dont understand why they cant think "what if what im doing to the victim was happening to me, how much pain would i be in? how terrible must this be for the victim?"

    The reason i ask these things, is because i believe there are probably a few sadistic people on here, most who probably wouldn't harm anyone to the point of seriously inflicting pain, but maybe some who do, so why? how can they do these things and not think about the pain the victim must be going through.

    Im not judging, i dont agree, but im not judging, i just want to know what theyre thinking, im so confused :) Help me.

    Thanks :)

  2. Sub4Life

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    That's horrible! A partnet should always be willing. Always. And even if they are willing, I couldn't ever inflict such pain on someoen...Not even My Master could.

    And they are so young! Were the boys ok? Well as ok as one could possibly be.

    My Master likes to make me cry sometimes, but never to an extream and he always comforts me afterward. Personally, I dont like the thought of seriously hurting someone, even if they are both willing.

    But I am not saying anything bad about those who do..
  3. subspace

    subspace Member

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    Davida5000, there are several sadists on the forum that I know will be able to explain the difference between a true sadist and some one who is a sociopath.

    But my experiences are with the children you discussed. I would bet the boys in your story have suffered a life time of abuse themselves. When you are exposed to that for so long many children feel the need to give the pain they have received to someone else. That, in simple terms, is why you see these kids committing horrific acts of violence, it can give them a feeling of power and control where in their world they have no control.
  4. Gocan

    Gocan New Member

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    You can't call kids sociopaths or antisocial or anything like that, because generally one has to be 18 to be diagnosed with the personality disorder. Not to say that these children aren't severely disturbed.
    as for your question, Sadist enjoy inflicting pain this is true, and some would say that no "true" sadist can or would ever get satisfaction from hurting a masochist. I personally do not believe that physical pain is physical regardless of if they enjoy it or not.
    Sadist enjoy physical pain but are not sociopaths, which means they are still capable of feeling things just like everyone else. Unlike a sociopath or someone who suffers from anti-social personality disorder to whom people are nothing more then toys or tools.
    You could argue that while the doms here may or may not be sadist (depending on their personal preference) They all pretend to step into the role of a true anti-social person during their play time.

    P.s. HI i'm new posting here but i've been hanging around these forums for months now
  5. davida50000

    davida50000 New Member

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    Thanks for the replies guys, its cleared a few things up for me :)

    I was just so shocked yesterday when i read and heard about this, and then being so young, what is the world coming to :(

    Sub4Life - One of the kids conditions are stable, and the other kids condition was said to be critical, but i beleive he is stable too now, they both should be ok, but im sure what they experienced is going to affect them for their whole life, i feel really bad for them :(
  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    what thet kids done is more of a psychic problem then pure sadism

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