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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by chrisincuffs, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. chrisincuffs

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    Hi, My Master and I are apart. He is in NY and I in MN. We get together as often as possible and in the mean time use webcams and my Master requests that I add a variety of pictures on for others to see his beautiful slave.
    Our problem is this....My Master can be very strict at times. Some of my rules are:
    No chipped nails
    No smudged make up
    No messy hair
    Remember and be able to recite poems for him (at anytime or place he may call)
    I must add pictures to flickr as he wishes
    I have homework I must do every night... such as writing a letter to Master or a photography project
    Master at times requests that I seduce a male or female and dominate that person for him

    I need new ways for him to punish me from far away, in ways that I can do to myself in front of my cam or take pictures of. I use different clips and weights, my clit is pierced horizontally and vertically as well as my nipples.
    Please help us

    Thank you,
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  2. pepeluism

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    How about buying one of those dog training electric shock collars. if you get one for a little dog, you can tie it to your pussy and activate it every time you are told. I've had that used on my balls and it is definitely painful.
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  3. chrisincuffs

    chrisincuffs New Member

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    Thanks! Right now I use laundry pins on my pussy with a weight attached. I try to hold it in my pussy until Master makes me drop it and then the clip rips at my pussy. Very painful but a very good way to show my dedication.

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