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    For me, I've been told by Master I'm not allowed to masturbate at all, something I've only ever broken once. I'm also not allowed to orgasm without permission, even when she's making me want to, and it's hard to hold back sometimes.
    I'm also not allowed to touch Master in a sexual way without her say so either, while she can, and often does, tease me as much as she likes.
    Not really very much, but on the other hand, we haven't really gone too far as yet, we're still taking it slow, and adding new stuff as we feel comfortable with it.
  3. Sado_Dom

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    My rules are more healthy lifestyle stuff than anything else so far. I'll make more in time when I have my slave. Stuff like no drugs, smoking, limit to one soda a day, always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, drink at least four cups of water ALONG with what she already drinks each day. You get the idea. Now I just need to make more...

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    I've added to rue's "Honey cannot do" list. He's not allowed to ogle other women no matter how attractive. And I am debating as to whether or not i should add some more regular day stuff in right now.
    I also gave him his first punishment today for breaking the rules. It worked and i'm pleased.

    My pup already knows not to drink(much, society demands it sometimes), smoke, or do drugs. I'm planning on working him through a regular meal schedule, any tips for that?
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    You've exposed us! The jig is up!!!!
  6. Ruelee

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    Oh, I don't ogle other women anyway. I might just be weird, but I've never seen the point to it. I guess that's one of my quirks that makes me as unique as I am.
    I don't really have regular chores, though most of that is set by my irritating parents, who seem incapable of doing anything in the kitchen except cook, leaving the rest up to me. I don't even here 'thank you' often from them, but it gets done all the same.
    As to clothing... it's hard to do something like that, with little bother - brother, sorry - and parents around, something too out of the ordinary and they'd notice, and I'd have to explain. I have no idea how they'd react to finding out about this side of me.

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    Because my master and I only really meet once a week, we don't have any day to day rules. Usually, a set of rules is only laid out when we have a specific scenario planned out, for example what to wear (or not), what position I must be in when he arrives at my home, that sort of thing. There is one specific position that I have been made to memorise, and to adopt when it is expected of me, but again, this only comes into play for specific scenarios.

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    My wife just added a few rules today.

    1. Eat breakfast, lunch regularly and dinner when she says I can.
    2. No caffeine without permission. (Its hard on my stomach)
    3. No orgasms or playing with myself without permission.
    4. I have to give her 2 massages a week. More than that earns me a reward!
    5. The Dishes have to be done before sunday every week.

    That's it so far for day to day stuff. She said she will add more when she wants to and feels comfortable doing so. I got 3 new ones to get used to too. Going slow is good!

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    OLP: only once a week? Is going to go to full time anytime soon?

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    Only 2 massages? I can get one anytime i want from my pup. I've a very bad back due to an accident, and he helps every night.

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    EveryRoseHasIt'sThorns: this is new to the both of us. We are starting small. Also she likes them best when she is going straight to bed afterwards. There is only 4 days a week I am home for that. Eventually I will probably be giving almost every day. I love massaging her, but it also sucks since I can't play with myself afterwards :-(
  12. Ruelee

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    Not being able to play with yourself isn't all that bad. It's taught me restraint, having to wait until Master lets me, and I find it feels better when I've had to wait because I've not been allowed to just to it whenever I want.

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    Was it really hard to do at first? I'm having a hard time with it. Have any tips that can help me out?

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    Maso_missive: I hate the dishes. I tend to let them pile up until we don't have many clean dishes left. Something she always complained about. Now I have to do them once a week.
  15. Ruelee

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    Actually, it wasn't too bad really. Whenever I normally would have, I just reminded myself, Master has told me not to, I won't disappoint her.
    Of course, finding something to distract you from it helps a great deal, doing something else that needs your hands a lot helps more. I usually did the dishes, or went and found something that needed solving.
    Basically... distracting yourself.

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