Ruined Orgasms

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by MistressSimone, Dec 12, 2013.

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    So I need some ideas for ruining a slave's orgasm.
    :DWhatcha got for me?
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    I think this depends on how much the slave "telegraphs" his climax.

    If it's pretty obvious then there are quite a few options, and these will be more or less effective depending on how desperate he is, how close he is to coming, etc.

    Just let go. A lot of men need tactile stimulation right up to, and just after climax, to achieve full satisfaction. If you remove that, and he still climaxes, most people would agree that the orgasm is "ruined".

    Finger on the spout. You see this in handjob movies, and honestly I'm not sure how effective it is. But the idea is that you jam your finger or thumb over the opening of his urethra just at the point of climax. This is "supposed" to block the path of the ejaculate and somehow create a backwash effect. Other people may disagree, but I'm not sure this really counts as a "ruined" orgasm.

    Edging. If you want to stop his climax dead, there are a couple of good ways. One (rather harsh) approach is ball slapping. But I prefer experiencing a zapper device, like the Tazapper. You could also use an electric shock dog collar around his scrotum.

    I must admit I find the idea of a woman being able to send controlled amounts of pain into my genitals to be a huge turn-on. Using that pain to stop a climax in its tracks is a very powerful threat. And the great thing is that you can repeat the process several times.


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