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    I'm a 39 y/o single BBW. I have absolutely no experience, other than less than two hours being blindfolded, breasts bound, nipples clamped and butt plugged.

    Sometimes small town living can be the pits. It's difficult to find folks that are like minded. And when someone does come along, they don't know what they're doing. They talk the talk, but don't know how to walk the walk. Sigh

    A Master I spoke to recently asked me about what makes me me. What make me tick? Does this help give an idea?: I'm the youngest of five. The oldest being 18 years older, the fourth oldest is 9 years older. Im a Caregiver by profession and a Pre-Nursing student.Due to my family dynamic (when growing up), I'm quiet, shy, reserved. Till I warm up. But, I'm a person that would run into a burning home to rescue lives. I would defend the helpless. I gladly give up my seat to the elderly, pregnant women, or disabled.
    I feel that why life is not always fair, life is still beautiful. I find beauty in a child's laughter, a bee flitting from flower to flower, the crashing of the ocean waves against shore.
    Yeah, I know, I sound pathetically innocent. As they say, "Don't judge a book by its cover."
    For my story is; dominate me, direct and guide me. Take me in hand. Protect and console me. Lead me and I will follow.
    Yes, I have a lot of groups and fetishes listed. The fetishes are what I'm for sure interested in. But I'm opened minded and willing to try most things.

    I'm looking for a Dom/Master. I'm not interested if your a jerk and abusive. My hard limits are scat, water sports, choking, kicking, punching, smoking, humiliation, degradation, age/ baby play, and pet play.
    I'm looking for those that are non-smokers, D&D free, and between the ages of 28-60. Too, I'm looking for those with experience. If I'm going to give myself, mind, body, and soul, you better know what your doing.
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