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    Can anyone recommend a beginner's rope bondage site. I'm not looking for anything complex. I already use a rope breast harness and rope corset. I am interested in learning about using rope to bind extremities. We have used cuffs in the past, but we want explore possibilities with ropes. So the simpler the better. Naturally, safety is our priority, so finding a trustworthy site is paramount. Thanks for your help.
  2. Smallest

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    I think just using plain ropes can be a lot easier. You're not limited, and since you already have two sets, you're probably ready to learn it yourself. Unless you're doing for photos (in which case it won't be as pretty), it should be as much or more functional.

    If you do that, I suggest at least 3/8" nylon diamond-weave rope.

    If you really want a set, I have no idea.
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    Cutting and pasting from one of my previous posts......Beginning rope bondage generally falls into two categories: immobilization (restraint) and decorative (Artistic) enhancement. You can learn various lacing patterns pretty quickly from browsing online and working with a willing partner. Immobilization takes a little more skill and care. If you’ve done any reading you’ll know about the 2 finger rule. (Read the safety FAQs. Take a look at the extraction tools thread I posted.)You’ll want all constricting ties to be loose enough to allow two fingers inserted underneath. It’s also imperative that all ties be locked so that they are not self constricting. You can teach this to yourself through study and reading but you will want to practice outside of a BDSM scene so that you know your ties will not slip or tighten during play.

    Start by googling bondage rope safety. The primary concern for rope bondage is nerve damage due to compression or restricted blood flow. This site is a good place to start. -

    For wrists and ankles learn a good locked, non-constricting cuff like the Mexican Handcuff or my preference, the Texas Ranger Handcuff. Google again :)
  4. sebastian

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    Check out Jay Wiseman's _Erotic Bondage Handbook_. He's got a lot of good material there.

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