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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by EternallyPissed, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Any rope techniques or common knots and ties anyone likes using? I have some knots I know by heart that I can do quickly and easily anywhere on my slave, but a lot of times when I'm trying something new I will mostly just wing it and make it up as I go:p I've found as long as you cinch it down tight enough the knots themselves don't really matter:D Watching videos on helps but it's hard to see the process. Any online sources or good books?

    We just installed a heavy plate with a vertical d-ring that has a heavy cast ring on that on the wall in her apartment. Any ideas using that besides the obvious?
  2. Knightmare

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    The videos on are a great place for instructional videos as well as youtube from the Two Knotty Boys. Both of the books from Two Knotty Boys are good, "showing you the ropes" and "back on the ropes." The best books in my opinion are Bondage for Sex by Chanta Rose, The Seductive Art of Japanese Rope Bondage by Midori, and Shibari You can Use. All are great sources of information.
  3. master jey

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    I have favorites the ones I learned in army they are the best
  4. GreyMac

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    Been awhile since I've posted but..

    couldn't pass this one up. We have someone who is looking for more info in an area dear to my heart - tying people up - so I gotta say SOMETHIN', yanno?

    Go to this addy
    and you'll find every knot you ever wanted to learn and then some. If the addy doesn't work just Google - Two Knotty Boys - and go to their website, then click on 'Downloads'.

    It's a list of close to a hundred 'How-To' vids of knot tying and rope handling. From the simple to the complex to the "Holy crap!, I just watched that vid in slo-mo ten times and I still don't see how they do that". It's all in there, it's all free, and you're welcome to copy the vids to your computer, that's why the 'Boys' posted them.

    Pay a visit to the Galleries, too, and you can see the work of a couple of masters.

    Good luck EP, and I completely agree with Knightmare about the books, if you're in the USA, carries all those titles. I have both the Two Knotty Boys Books and they're worth it.

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