Risks of a razor blade in the mouth

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by chaoticist, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. chaoticist

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    I'm wondering about how dangerous it would be to have a razor blade in the mouth during a scene - like on top of the tongue, then closing the mouth. There'd be a strong instinct to do anything possible not to swallow it, but I'm concerned with the risk of accidental reaction such as sneezing, getting a swallow reflex from something, fear building and causing temporary panic, or other problems. Holding it between the teeth should make it pretty difficult to go wrong, but would you say this is just too risky to experiment with? There'd be medical equipment and someone trained as a nurse/paramedic, just in case.

    As a safer alternative, what about a knife, with a wide hilt that would make it impossible to go too far in.
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Hmm. You're definitely into edge play here. With a razor in the mouth there are two risks, as I see it. 1) Cutting the inside of your mouth. That's unpleasant, but probably not too severe. 2) Swallowing it. The risks there are very serious. I think you could really injure yourself. It would probably require emergency surgery. IMO, while the odds of it happening are probably low, the consequences of it are quite high. I wouldn't risk it for myself, and I wouldn't ask a sub to risk it either. But if you've read my posts, you know I always err on the side of caution.

    With a knife, do you mean holding it blade out with the hilt between the teeth, or blade in, with the blade between the teeth? Blade in strikes me as extremely dangerous. Blade out probably less dangerous but still some potential risk.

    What are you trying to accomplish here? Do you want actual edge play, or do you want to do a mind fuck on the sub, or are you wanted to explore cutting and blood?
  3. Randomguy86

    Randomguy86 Member

    What about tying something around a short bladed knife and making it into a kind of knife gag? Tying it around their head, that way the knife can't really accidently go anywhere..... Having the knife pointed inwards but a blunt knife though. lol. The sub doesn't have to know it's not sharp.
  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I think a knife horizontal, blade-out with blade in teeth is the closest semi-safe version of your idea, especially if the knife is dulled (as Randomguy said, your sub doesn't need to know just how dull it is).

    I really, really suggest you don't use a razor, as the risk of swallowing happening is not necessarily huge, but what happens of the sub does swallow, or choke (which could happen if they try to safeword, or say anything, or cry out, remember), could mean severe damage.

    If you do something with a knife, the reason I say blade-out is that blade-in and suspended by teeth runs a risk of cutting the tongue, which minorly is a discomfort and severely is horrifying.
    This seems obvious, but no matter what, don't position the knife as a sword-swallower would (perpendicular to how the mouth closes, point in). Even dulled and somehow held out of the mouth (like a different version of randomguy's gag), the point risks piercing the tongue and slipping (or breaking the gag) could mean cutting inside the throat and probably more risk than a razor offers.

    Let us know what you think from here, and we'll try to further point you in the right direction.
  5. Randomguy86

    Randomguy86 Member

    Fuck using a razor blade. Unless you want to kill the bitch, then be my guest. lmao.
  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Hey, Random. He politely asked a question, so there's no need to be rude. People on this site have some very extreme fantasies and desires, and it's our job to help them figure out what's safe, what's not and how they can safely approximate an unsafe scene. This might not be your fantasy, but you never know when something you're turned on by will disgust or offend someone else. So it behooves us to treat each other's turn ons with courtesy, even if we suggest they're unwise.

    We seem to be agreed that there are enough risks here that he needs to rethink what he wants to do.
  7. Randomguy86

    Randomguy86 Member

    Ahhh. I was kidding man. No need to freak. lol. He can like whatever, Doesn't worry me... I think it's great he is asking advice. Shows that he is a caring and responsible man.
  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Yeah. The problem with sarcasm on the internet is that no one can hear your intonation or see your expression.
  9. Randomguy86

    Randomguy86 Member

    Sorry : ( Won't happen again.... But probably will *cheeky grin*
  10. chaoticist

    chaoticist New Member

    Purely a mind fuck. I thought about it some more, and I'm pretty much agreeing with the posts here, it's just too risky - although 99 times out of 100 nothing might go wrong, the one time it does would be very serious. And there's plenty of safer ways to get a similar effect. Anyway, thanks for the replies everyone.
  11. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    If you want to mindfuck her, blindfold her and then tell her you're putting a razor blade in her mouth and then actually put something else in, something you can control safely.
  12. chaoticist

    chaoticist New Member

    Done. It had the desired effect :D Any more good ideas? ;)


    Take a large, long knife and make sure it's dull enough not to be able to cut her. Thenput it in ice or the freezer (I read making the knife cold makes it feel sharp even if it's not). Then tye her up and put it in her mouth horizontally and tell her to hold it with her teeth.

    If you really want to mind fuck her, get two similar knives, one sharp, one dulled. Chill both of them in an ice chest, so she doesn't know you have two of them. Run the sharp one on her skin and cut her a little to show her how sharp it is. Then blindfold her and put the dull one in her mouth, having her hold it with her teeth horizontally. You can tye her up and tell her, "Be careful not to scream, that blade is sharp." Just remember she might be too scared to safeword, so use good judgement.

    If you want to continue doing stuff like this be sure she doesn't know that you're making things safer and you could probably find a whole bunch of ways to make things seem terribly dangerous and horrifying without actually putting her in much real danger.

  14. Probably the best idea in short. This type of play has always made me nervous... Even with simply holding knives, it's so easy to slip IMO. I can understand the drive to do it though, when you have a kink you can't just wipe it from your mind. You need it.
  15. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Chaoticist, it's good to see you reply after so long.

    Not safe. Too easy for the dom to make a mistake with the similar knives, and obviously blood play with a kitchen knife isn't exactly safe, especially if you haven't recently sharpened it.

    Like the original post, it is something where perhaps nothing would happen, but if anything went wrong, it would be terrible. It did, however, remind me that I need better kitchen knives.
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