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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by robInGag, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. robInGag

    robInGag New Member

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    Hi. Im new to the site, so apologies if this has already been discussed.

    I have a fetish for ribs. I love really skinny girls whose ribs stick out. I have found it quite difficult to find other people with the same fetish, so wonder if I'm a freak!
    is anyone else into skinny girls? Are there any skinny girls out there that like to be tied up, stretched, or whipped across their ribs or bellies?

    I also like to be tied up and whipped across my ribs and belly (i'm a slim guy). Is anyone else into that?

    Are there any good resources on the web (preferably free) where I can find more stuff on this?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. loli-pop

    loli-pop New Member

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    Hey there! I realize this is a pretty late reply, so please accept my apologies.
    I love the look of emaciated bodies as well. Sadly though neither my master nor myself are **that** slim so I honestly have no experience with this particular fetish of mine (though I do prefer the look of a good backbone). Sorry I'm not more help, just wanted to let you know you're not alone. (PS I don't know if it's much help but often you can find some pretty interesting things on gurochan.net under "freakshow")
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  3. Zandar

    Zandar Member

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    Okay, dont get me wrong here, but isnt the whole "ribs clearly showing / sticking out" a sign of Anorexia and in that way everything but healthy? Or am I misunderstanding what you mean?

    Now I am all up for things that the general public considers "weird" as long as it is healthy, but this aint looking right to me.

    Please clarify.
  4. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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  5. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

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    Dear gods Zander that picture is almost horrifying -shutters-
    But there are people who are a completely healthy weight and still can have visible ribs, they just need to inhale sharply. The fact that I inhale and can't see my ribs just makes me think I'm fat ><
  6. cool999

    cool999 New Member

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    hey..though i dont like emicated bodies (like the dreadful pic above), i love to see the ribs.. my girlfiend is thin though her ribs dont show normally.. so i tie her up spreadeagled on the bed with a pillow or 2 below her shoulders.. this would stretch her nicely and i can see her ribs. We also tried hanging by her wrists with her arms spread apart and weights attached to the legs(feet not touching the ground). you can see all the ribs and as the torso is stratched taut. This is more risky hence we dont do it too often.
  7. Akumuvirus

    Akumuvirus New Member

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    I love seeing the rib cage too. I def have a fetish for it. I don't prefer pix like the one above, mainly cause it doesn't look too healthy. But no lying, I still find it just a lil hott and disturbing at the same time. Maybe because its disturbing but not too disturbing is why... There are some that is just too disturbing for me. It's rare to find others that have a rib fetish too. I do feel alone sometimes.
  8. AJMarion

    AJMarion Member

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    While this is not a particular fetish of mine, I know there are plenty of people who do enjoy a lady's rib sticking out. As a matter of fact, I just shot a custom clip for a customer where I had a belt cinched very tightly around my waist to accentuate this.
  9. Akumuvirus

    Akumuvirus New Member

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    Would have liked to seen that! Lol...
  10. AndyDento25

    AndyDento25 New Member

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    Love ribs!!!!
  11. Renton

    Renton New Member

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    I love ribs

    Yeah any bones I can see is a huge turn on... there is a point where it is not sexy anymore though...
  12. sandnmyteeth2

    sandnmyteeth2 New Member

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    My wife has a very pronounced rib cage. I find it almost as attractive as looking at her breasts or pussy. You can't see her ribs, mostly the outline of her cage. Most people would call her a curvy or BBW. It gets my blood flowing though. The pic. above is a turn off for me.

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