restraining my strong husband, with humiliation

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by sarashark, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. sarashark

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    Hi, new to the forum. I am a very small woman with a large husband. He wants me to restrain him. He is very strong. How can I go about it. He also has thoughts of feminization. Makeup being applied while restrained, etc. We play very ruff already and pain is a big turn on. How can I restrain this big man. And any other thoughts on how to humilite him. I already have control of his orafices but need some new ideas. Thanks
  2. sebastian

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    You're never going to be able to wrestle your husband into submission, so you need to use an unfair advantage. The simplest would be to cuff him--either handcuffs or leather cuffs. They're easy to use and not that expensive.

    But what you really should do is learn to get really good at bondage. Get a copy of Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook and start working your way through it. Bondage takes a while, especially if you don't have a mentor to show you, but get good at it and your husband will adore you. If you learn how to do fairly strict (so-called 'inescapable') bondage, he'll be able to struggle to his heart's content. As he struggles, you can laugh at him and call him names for not getting loose, or for letting a weak little woman tie him up. You can also tell him that you'll torture him until he gets loose.
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    thank you for the reply, i checked out the author and i think that will give some input. what i was hoping for was some good ideas on how to keep him in place. i have thought out handcuffs and chains (just our thing) but maybe some ideas on the humiliation part. he wants it to be all a surprise. i need ideas on how to make him feel helpless and demasculated. getting him to submit to restraint will be easy enough, but where to go from there? he says in his daydreaming i feminze him and make him submit to it. should i make him wear panties or i dont know. how can i make this come true for him.
    ps does wiseman ever give talks in nc?
  4. sebastian

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    Well, one thing you could do would be to cuff him and then start torturing his tits and his balls. If he wants you to stop, he needs to say something like "I'm a pussyboy", "I'm a pretty princess", or whatever else would humiliate him. Or immobilize him and then put make-up on him or whatever else amuses you. Give him some anal training with a butt plug, dildo, or prostate stimulator.
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    My Master uses a remote dog shock collar. They are pretty cheap on ebay. At home she may padlock the collar on me so I can't take it off. In public she'll put the collar on my ankle (we tried it on my thigh, but it often slides down my leg). I am given instructions to obey such as always walk behind her, open all doors, let her pick my meals, etc... If I disobey or talk I get shocked. She keeps the remote in her pocket. She'll even make games while we're out. Once at a store made me buy a box of condoms, lube, and a single cucumber. Trust me, that is pretty embarrassing taking those items to a cashier.

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