Rendezvous with Terror

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    Rendezvous with Terror
    by Emily

    (I love fan mail, rory_helm at yahoo)

    I was 22 and still a virgin. There were many reasons for this. One was my domineering mother who impressed on me the importance of saving myself for marriage. Also, I was painfully shy. In high school I was the girl with a shaggy mop of short red-blond hair, freckles, glasses and buck teeth that no boy ever took a second look at. I always felt invisible to them. To my male friends I was just a friend' and their raging hormones directed them elsewhere.

    What happened then was: contact lenses, braces and college. Contact lenses revealed that I had very light brown eyes unusually flecked with green and gold. My red hair, that my mom had always kept short so I looked like a boy, grew out and reached my waist. When the braces came off I was transformed. I worked my way through college and there was little money for excess calories so I shrunk from a size 12 to a size 6. At 5'2"Â this still left me with curves, erect firm breasts, a nearly flat stomach and a nice shelf bootay'. I noticed the boys were finally looking at me.

    The last hang up was the marriage thing. I did not want to get married right away, and maybe not at all. So where did this leave me? I decided right then that saving myself for marriage was ridiculous. Besides, I was the last virgin on my dorm floor, and I longed to experience the fun the other girls described.

    Still the idea of sex was terrifying. I understood loosing my virginity would be painful and this scared me. Some of my girlfriends said it hurt a lot and they bled like crazy, others said it only hurt at first and there was not much blood at all. When I was making out with a guy, he would inevitably begin to undress me below the waist, thoughts of pain and blood would then overwhelm me and I would panic. They were very polite about it, but I'm sure they thought I was just a cock-tease, as I would never hear from them again.

    I decided that it was best to face my fear and just get it over. So when Kevin began hanging around and it was clear he was interested I began to flirt back. He was very nice and one evening I found myself in his dorm room and we began to make out as we had a few times before. This time he began to undress me below the waist and I let him. He began to lick my pussy, but unfortunately, he did not know what a clit was, so my arousal was not complete when he tried to enter me and I must have been dry. At his first push I felt pain and cried out.

    "What's wrong?"Â he asked.

    "I'm a virgin, please be gentle."Â I replied terrified.

    "Okay,"Â he said. He attempted to push in again. Whimpering in pain, I felt my whole body tense up.

    Finally he said, "Look, this just isn't working,"Â and he got up and began to put on his clothes.

    I don't really remember much else except a feeling of humiliation and failure. I went back to my room and cried. I realized loosing my cherry was not going to be as easy as I thought.

    I realized that Kevin had been inept, and his own inexperience was demonstrated by his trying to penetrate me when I was clearly not aroused. I knew then that if I was to be rescued from my virginity I would need to find someone with much more experience. Thus events were set in motion that would lead me to my rendezvous with terror.
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    One day I was looking in the SF Bay Guardian's personal adds. One caught my attention. "Yielding Fantasies?"Â it began. "I'd love to meet you. Send picture and a description of your fantasy to!Â

    My heart pounded. I'd always had rape and bondage fantasies, but I knew I did not really want to be raped as I had talked to real rape victims. Would yielding mean I would be bound so I could not resist? In this context, the thought of the pain of loosing my cherry made me hot and I felt a sudden wetness between my legs.

    Still, the thought of answering this add terrified me. For days it was all I could think about. I reasoned this man must be experienced and confidant to place such an ad in the paper, so I had nothing to fear. Finally, I broke down and wrote the letter. "I am 22 years old and still a virgin. I know this is unbelievable but ,."Â I poured out my story. I told him about what happened with Kevin. I wrote down everything and revealed myself to a total stranger. In conclusion I told him: "I've always had rape fantasies. I've always wanted to be tied up so I can not resist. Furthermore, I want and need to loose my virginity. I need someone that will not stop when I say "no"Â or cry out in pain. I know it will hurt, so I promise not to complain. Can you help me?"Â Trembling and terrified I mailed the letter. I was so naive and trusting. I even signed my real name and left my phone number and address.

    About a week later I received telephone call. "I've received your letter about your fantasy. I'd like to meet you."Â

    We arranged to meet at a coffee shop on Saturday afternoon to talk further. My whole body trembled with fear and anticipation. He told me to prepare to spend the night just in case he thought things would work out. He had my picture so he recognized me in the coffee shop. "Hi, I'm the Fantasy Guy"Â he said sliding into the booth across from me. He was far taller than I and not unattractive, and he had a lean, well toned look to him. He was clearly older than the college boys I knew, about 35-40, I would guess. But the most striking thing about him was his dark piercing eyes. I'd heard of men who could undress you with their eyes, but this is the first time I'd experienced it. They seemed to look through me and possess me at the same time. I would know it later for the predatory look it was. I should have trusted my instincts and ran, but I didn't. We made small talk. He was good at it and he put me at ease. I talked about my life as a starving student, and how hard it was to make my meager student aid dollars stretch to cover basic necessities. He had similar stories about when he first left home and tried to make ends meet doing various minimum wage jobs. Soon we were laughing like old friends. Finally he leaned forward and said he could help me. His look was sympathetic and I felt relieved. I went with him willingly.

    His house was small and comfortable. He offered me wine which I accepted. On an empty stomach the wine worked quickly, and I found myself feeling relaxed and warm. Our conversation continued. "I want to help you, but I have a few more questions, and it is important that you are totally honest."Â He began to ask me questions about my sexual experiences. "Have you ever gone down on a man?"Â he asked.

    I looked at him puzzled. I had never heard this expression before. "What's that?"Â I asked.

    His face was unreadable. "Oral sex,"Â he replied, "have you ever sucked a man's cock?"Â

    I was shocked by this question. "Of course not! That's only done in porno movies!"Â

    "What about anal sex, have you ever been fucked in the ass?"Â

    I didn't like the direction the conversation was taking, and I noticed the predatory look had returned to his eyes. He was enjoying my discomfort immensely. I stood up and prepared to leave.

    "Where do you think you're going? I thought you said you wanted to loose your virginity. I've offered to help, and you even got me all exited about it. What's the matter with you? You get a little uncomfortable and you want to leave?"Â he asked sarcastically. "What are you? Nothing but a cock-tease?"Â

    He played me expertly. My instincts had taken over, and his words turned me from flight to fight in an instant. I spun around angrily "I'm not a cock-tease!"Â

    "Prove it."Â For the first time he put his hands on me, guiding me to a door and opened it, revealing stairs leading to the basement. "Go."Â

    I was scared, but determined to prove I wasn't a cock-tease. So I went down the stairs and he followed me closely. The stairs were steep and required my full attention. When I reached the bottom he brought one arm around me and gripped my breast. The other thrust itself firmly down the front of my pants and held my crotch. I struggled briefly but I was caught tight. "Look around"Â he said whispering in my ear.

    I did. There were various restraints anchored onto the walls, chains and straps hanging from the ceiling, and other things I could not identify. Now I was truly terrified. "How does it make you feel?"Â he asked. I couldn't speak, I was paralyzed. "Answer me!"Â The command in his voice and the tightening of his hand on my breast and pussy had its desired effect.

    "It makes me feel, it makes me feel! I said, licking my suddenly dry lips, "nasty."Â

    "Good. That's the way you should feel. It means you are almost ready for your fantasy."Â He began fingering my pussy. "Damn your wet, he said, you really want this don't you?"Â
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    I couldn't answer. I realized he was right, I was wet. I was in the hands of a dominant male. A man who would not listen when I asked him to stop. I was excited like I had never been before, and terrified too. My breaths were short and ragged. He nuzzled me and whispered in my ear "I've never had a total virgin before. I'm going to do things to you you've never even imagined. I promise."Â I was dizzy, terrified, and my knees were suddenly week.

    Suddenly the spell was broken as he released his hold on me and stepped back and said, "STRIP!"Â The change in the tone of his voice chilled me to the bone. I hesitated. I felt awkward just standing there with him watching me. I was suddenly aware of the coolness of the room, and I noticed the look in his eyes was more than predatory. I was chilled and the hairs suddenly stood up on the back on my neck. "I SAID STRIP!"Â He stepped forward menacingly. I got the message and turned my back and began to unbutton my blouse. "TURN AROUND AND FACE ME!"Â His voice was angry now, and I trembled and turned around. He smiled a terrible smile and pulled a chair from against the wall and sat on it backwards so he could watch the show. I finished unbuttoning my blouse slowly and he kept smiling appreciatively. Encouraged I slowly removed my shoes, socks and jeans. When I reached to unfasten my braw he commanded "STOP!"Â I stopped. He was no longer smiling. He removed himself from the chair and with two strides he spun me around and pulled my hands roughly behind my back and fastened them securely and quickly. I was shocked at the speed of it. It was done before I could even think about resisting. I'm not sure what he used, but both of my wrists were locked together in a single band that was tight and uncomfortable.

    "Please, it's too tight. It hurts."Â

    "Shut-up! You said you knew it would hurt. You said you wouldn't complain. Don't tell me you lied."Â

    I was preparing an angry retort when with a practiced flick of the wrist he opened a buck knife. The click as the blade locked into place was barely audible. He held it up for a moment so that could appreciate the flawless carbon steel blade about six inches long. He stepped towards me and I gasped and stepped back, finding my self up against a wall. He smiled and gazed into my eyes, drinking in my fear for a long moment. Finally he said, "Relax, how else am I supposed to get your bra and panties off?"Â His voice was both reassuring and mocking. He grabbed my arm and led me to a mirror. He held me from behind, the left hand around my stomach while the right hand held the knife to my throat. "Look at yourself,"Â he whispered in my ear hoarsely, "have you ever seen anything so sexy?"Â He held me there for a moment pulling me tightly against him. I was naked except for my white bra and panties. But my attention was not on myself. Instead I looked into his eyes reflected in the mirror. The pupils of his eyes were dialated with barely contained sexual excitement. My hands tied behind my beck also felt evidence of his excitement. There was huge bulge in his jeans and he held me firmly against it so I could feel it. Then in one quick motion he flicked the knife to the front of my bra and sliced it open, releasing my breasts.

    I responded to the sudden movement and the flash of the knife with a yelp and began to struggle. He simply held me up off the ground with his left arm around my midsection and laughed. With my feet of the ground I could gain no leverage against the man who held me. Finally he tired of my fruitless attempts to get away and said "STOP!"Â and I felt the cold steel of the knife suddenly pressed against my throat and imagined it must be cutting me. I gasped and stopped struggling.

    "Good girl,"Â he sneered. "Not very smart to struggle like that when I've got a knife. You could get cut very easily. Maybe you like blood? Maybe I'll oblige you if you don't do exactly as I say."Â

    "Listen carefully, Bitch,"Â he continued. "You responded to my ad for a Yielding Fantasy, and by god you're going to yield to me! I'm going to help you with your little problem, but if you think I'm going to deny my needs you are mistaken. As long you're here you'll do as I say. Do you understand Bitch?"Â

    "Please let me go home, I don't want to do this any more. Please let me go. Pleeaase!"Â I wailed.

    "It's too late for that now babe. I promised to relieve you of your virginity and not take no for an answer, and I'm going to do just that. I keep my promises."Â

    "I'm going to release you in a minute,"Â he continued, "but I want to make one thing perfectly clear. You will cease your struggling and submit to me. If you continue your stupid struggling I will hurt you. If you attempt to leave before I'm finished with you, I will kill you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"Â

    "Yeesss!"Â I cried. His words had a profound effect. I was trembling so badly I thought I might faint. My worst fears had come true. Any illusion I might have still had that this was just harmless role playing was shattered.
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    "Good."Â He said as he released me and stepped back. He walked over to the bed against the far wall, opened a drawer on the night stand and removed something from it, and sat down. "Come here Bitch!"Â

    I didn't move.


    Terrified I came to him and stood before him, "ON YOUR KNEES!"Â I started to lower myself down onto my knees, but was awkward as my hands were still secured tightly behind my back. Impatiently he reached out and grabbed my shoulder, pulling me onto the concrete floor my knees hit it with a painful thump. His hand then steadied me so I would not fall over.

    Then he unbuttoned his fly and released his hard cock. It was the first time I had seen an uncircumcised penis. It was about average sized, but I was particularly fascinated by the hood of the foreskin barely covering the tip of his cock. "I want you to suck my cock,"Â he said.

    I looked up at him shocked.

    "Oh, don't look so shocked. You women expect us to eat you out but you won't suck a dick? Besides, you asked for my help. Getting head is just as important to a man as getting pussy. No wonder no one will have you. Not only are you a cock-tease but won't even offer a little relief by sucking a guy off!"Â

    "Look,"Â he continued more reasonably, "this is important. All guys expect this and I'm willing to show you how. Most girls are really bad at it and with a few tips from me you could be really good, okay?"Â

    Once again his demeanor had changed totally. One minute he was hard and cruel and then he changed and seemed kind and reasonable. I decided it was to my advantage to encourage this side of him. So I responded, "Okay."Â

    "Now remember licking and sucking are the most important things. It's also important to take my entire cock into your mouth. Imagine you are fucking me with your mouth."Â He instructed.

    I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth, and he reached out and steadied me by grasping two large handfuls of my long hair on both sides of my head. I pulled it into my mouth and was surprised it did not taste of stale urine as I expected, but was rather mildly musky and pleasant. I proceeded to lick it carefully as I moved my mouth slowly up and down the shaft. I then began to alternate the licking with sucking. "Not too hard baby,"Â he whispered when I sucked, "I don't want to come too soon."Â I sucked more gently. I quickly learned that what I thought was an erect penis could still grow. It was now enormous and about as thick as my wrist. There was no longer any sign of a foreskin as it was stretched tight over its entire length. I looked up into his eyes to see any signs of approval. His eyes where fixed down at me and seemed glazed over in concentration. He noticed I was looking at him and he pulled my head back. "You are doing a great job, but the most sensitive part is the first inch on the underside. I want you to rapidly lick there"Â, he said pulling me back down onto him. I licked there rapidly and was rewarded with a groan. He groaned again and his back arched and he pushed me away.

    "No, I don't want to come just yet. I have a new toy I'd like to try."Â He pulled out a large steel ring with two leather straps attached to it. "It's for your mouth, so you won't get so tired holding your mouth open."Â

    He reached forward and placed the steel ring in my mouth. It was large and it was not an easy fit but when he was finally satisfied with its placement he pulled the straps around the back of my head and tied it there. I felt ridiculous with the huge ring holding my mouth open, and it most certainly was not comfortable.

    "Now do that thing with your tongue, and remember rapid movements like I taught you."Â I leaned forward and took his cock through the ring into my mouth and once again and began to lick rapidly as instructed. He in turn reached out and steadied my head again. I felt him twisting my long hair around his hands on both sides of my head before grasping my head firmly in his hands. He groaned like before and I looked up at him.

    The predatory look was back. "Now you're going to learn to swallow cum bitch! Before I knew what was happening he used his grasp on my head to shove me down hard on his cock. I gagged as his hard cock hit the back of my throat. He pulled my head back and before I could catch a breath he pushed me back down on him again and again causing me to choke repeatedly. I had difficulty breathing and I struggled helplessly. My hands were still secured behind my back and he was just too strong. I felt like a rag doll. I'd never felt so helpless and insignificant. Still I struggled helplessly and tried to scream but it came out as a stifled gurgling noise. Just when I thought I might die he began to climax. He ceased pumping and pushed my face cruelly down on his cock into my throat. He pushed and pushed his cock further down my throat yelling SWALLOW IT BITCH! His load was delivered straight down my throat in repeated sprays as he came. I guess I should have been thankful that I didn't have to taste his vileness, but all I could think of was getting a breath of air. Suddenly he let me go and I collapsed into the floor in convulsions of choking, coughing, and trying to suck in a breath of air. When I finally became aware of my surroundings again he was gone. As I laid there I realized this was all planned. The steel ring had nothing to do with my mouth getting tired. It was to prevent me from biting down on his cock when I struggled against having his cock jammed down my throat. I hated him more than anyone or anything in the world right then.

    Then he was back. There was a glass of water in his hand. "I thought you might need some water."Â he said as if nothing had happened. At the sight of the water I forgot my anger and realized how thirsty I was. He set the glass of water on the floor and removed the steel ring from my mouth. He then helped me sit up and put the glass of water to my lips. I swallowed greedily. He then took out his knife freed my wrists from their bindings. I gasped at the sudden pain of the blood flowing back into my hands. I looked at my hands. They were swollen and stiff. I was finally able to see what my bindings were made of. It was just a strip of plastic with anti reversal grooves that make them lock tight. (You know what the cops use for handcuffs when they make mass arrests at anti-war demonstrations? They are only good for one use and can only be removed by cutting them off, but they are cheap, and can be purchased at any hardware store.)
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    "Either you're a good liar, a fast learner or a real natural at cock-sucking baby"Â he was telling me, "you swallowed every drop."Â Suddenly my forgotten rage at him came back.

    I came at him with my fists flying "You bastard! You could have killed me!"Â I yelled.

    There was a moment of surprise on his face. I landed an ineffectual fist or two before he subdued me by grabbing my wrists and pinning my arms to my sides in one sudden fluid movement. I cried out in pain as he handled me savagely. He adjusted and pulled me up against his body tightly with one arm, I found his other hand suddenly clamped tightly over my mouth, stifling my cries.

    "Look,"Â he said, still holding me tightly, "do you want me to hit you? These are the rules, you hit me and I'll hit you harder, you bite me, and I'll beat the shit out of you. I promise I will. Do you understand?"Â

    "Yes"Â I answered trembling. My voice was muffled by the gag, and it sounded more like a "yeph,"Â so I nodded too.

    "Good, no more of this bullshit okay?"Â

    I nodded.

    "Okay, the bathroom is over there, go take care of yourself."Â He released me then and shoved me towards the bathroom.

    Once in the bathroom I closed the door to find nothing but a toilet and a sink. No shower. I sank to the floor and rubbed my aching wrists. I couldn't believe I had gotten myself into this mess. Somehow I felt disconnected from everything I had ever known. Why hadn't I just found some dumb jock and gotten him drunk to do the deed for me? I knew why. I had always been terrified of men much taller and much stronger than I. While I found them extremely handsome, I preferred to date men not much bigger than I"Â. Now I knew my fear to be reasonable. The memory of how easily I had been subdued by the man waiting outside filled me with shame and terror. Why hadn't I lifted weights, or taken martial arts? Why had I been so trusting? How could I have been so stupid?

    Slowly I lifted my self off the floor. I pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet allowing a strong trickle of urine to flow into the toilet. I wiped with the toilet paper to be reminded of my earlier sexual excitement, before my mouth had been raped. A cup sat on the sink. I filled it with cool water and washed my pussy carefully, erasing all evidence that I'd ever thought there could be anything remotely arousing about my predicament. Then I patted myself dry with the toilet paper and flushed.

    There was a mirror above the sink. I looked at myself. There was no sign of a cut on my neck as I had feared, though I can't imagine how I had escaped injury. My hair was a mess and my eyes were puffy from crying. Strange, in my terror I had not even noticed I had been crying. My makeup was a mess too, as my tears had made rivets of black mascara down my face.

    I seldom wore makeup. To think I'd actually put on makeup so I would look attractive for this man! I turned the water on and splashed it on my face, scrubbing off the remainder of my makeup with my hands. No towels. I used toilet paper to dry my face and tossed it in the toilet. I looked at myself in the mirror again. Survivor, I thought as I looked in the mirror. You are a survivor. I would survive this thing. I had to believe that. I turned and faced the door. There was no lock on the door so I knew he could come in and get me anytime he wanted. I took a deep breath and braced myself and emerged from the bathroom.
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    He was waiting for me on the bed, leaning against the head-board, hands behind his head. As I emerged he sat up and looked me up and down, and whistled appreciatively. "You sure clean up nice."Â he said. "You're the kind of girl that looks better without all that crap on her face. Makes you look a lot younger, too."Â

    "I didn't clean up for you!"Â I retorted.

    "Sure you did. Come sit next to me."Â he said patting the space beside him on the bed.

    I hesitated. His eyes had the predatory look again.

    "Don't make me come get you."Â His voice sounded pleasant but by now I knew better.

    "I wouldn't give you the satisfaction."Â I sneered as I walked over and sat down next to him on the bed with all the bravado I could muster.

    His eyes narrowed and I feared I'd pushed him too far. I was right. The next thing I knew I was pinned under him and he'd slapped me across my face hard, twice. My whole face stung and I felt blood in my mouth. My lower lip stung and was starting to swell. I struggled not to cry, but I felt a tear escape and run down my cheek.

    "Oh I'll get satisfaction all right, you'd better believe that Bitch!"Â he hissed.

    Terrified, I lay there stunned while he bound my right wrist to my right ankle. Then he bound my left wrist to my left ankle. Then he cinched both up tight so that my ankles were pulled up sharply and painfully against my thighs, and my arms were pinned firmly to my sides. I was immobilized and flat on my back.

    "Now maybe its time to get those panties off, I want to see what virgin pussy looks like."Â

    The knife came out of his pocket and was flicked open with a practiced flick of the wrist. I gasped with involuntary fear. I didn't like the idea of his having a knife being anywhere near my nether region, especially not in the hands of this man.

    "I'm s-s-s-sorry I hit you."Â I stuttered with fear. "I promise to be g-good, and d-d-do what ever you say. J-J-Just please don't hurt me."Â

    His eyes quickly reflected his sexual excitement at my words. My pleading obviously turned him on. He pressed his knife against my crotch.

    He used his knife to cut away the crotch in my panties. He was slow and deliberate while he did it, savoring every gasp I made as he used his knife to make little upward cuts. He rested the cold steel against my pussy between cuts so he could savor my little cries and whimpers of fear that escaped me whenever I felt the touch of cold steel. When he was finished he examined me closely using his fingers to probe my virgin hole.

    "Ah baby, you cleaned yourself up for me! You shouldn't have!"Â he said noticing the complete lack of my earlier wetness. Then he looked at me with a look of surprise on his face. "Damn, you really are a virgin!"Â

    A slow predatory smile spread across his face. "This isn't just an act for you is it? You've never role played before have you?"Â

    "N-n-noo."Â I stuttered in fear.

    He looked at me thoughtfully for a moment like he was making some kind of decision, then his smile returned. "Damn, I'm going to really enjoy this."Â

    "Nooo! Pleeaase, pleeaase don't hurt me!"Â He clamped his hand over my mouth then, muffing my voice, and I whimpered in fear against his grasp and squirmed helplessly.

    "Oh I'm gonna hurt you baby."Â he whispered into my ear. "I'm gonna hurt you real good. When I put my cock into your virgin pussy you're going to scream for me to stop, but I won't, just like I promised. It's going to hurt worse than you ever imagined. I'm going to take you nice and slow, and prolong your agony for a long time before your precious hymen tears away. Oh I'm going to hurt you, you'd better believe it. I'm going to enjoy every scream and every whimper. Then when your hymen finally tears away I'm going to fuck you hard and make it hurt even more. Then I'm going to make you beg me not to stop. I'm gonna make you cum baby."Â

    I was terrified, and tried to sink into the bed, and become invisible. I felt my sex throb between my legs in rhythm with my racing heart. I was dizzy with terror, and the bastard was enjoying every second of it. He stood up on his knees between my legs to give me a full view of his weapon. It was the biggest thing I'd ever seen. Kevin's dick was tiny by comparison. When I remembered the pain that Kevin's tiny dick gave me when he tried to push his way inside, and I lost it.

    "Noooo noooo Its tooo big Please, please, please ,!"Â

    My scream of pain was muffled by his hand over my mouth again as he pushed his huge cock against my hymen. True to his word, there was no merciful quick thrust to get it over with. He entered slowly, pushing slowly and grinding his cock against my hymen to prolong the pain. And he was right, I screamed and screamed for him to stop, but his inescapable hand covering my mouth ensured that all that could be heard were muffled whimpers.

    I don't know how long this lasted. It seemed like forever. Finally my hymen tore away under the relentless pressure and he pushed all the way inside me. It felt like I was being stretched and split open by his huge cock. I gasped and cried out again at this surprising new pain. He tried to push in still further, but was blocked by the cruel positioning of my legs, making it impossible for them to be spread any wider so he could gain full access. He reached down and loosened them, spreading my legs wide to see how much slack he had to grant me to gain full access to my innermost parts. When he was satisfied he started fucking my torn insides hard. The pain was unbearable as his cock repeatedly plowed past the remains of my torn and bleeding hymen and slammed against my cervix. I could only cry and scream into his muffling hand that reduced even my most powerful screams to nothing but mewling whimpers. True to his words his eyes locked on mine and I could tell he was enjoying every bit of it.

    Just then when I thought it couldn't get any worse he removed his hand from covering my mouth and moved it to expertly manipulate my clitoris. With my senses already overwhelmed, his touch on this sensitive organ was unbearable. "Please don't. It's too sensitive. I can't stand it. Please stop!"Â I whimpered.
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    "You don't want me to stop babe! Tell me you don't want me to stop!"Â

    I ignored him and continued to plead with him to stop. He stopped for a moment and squeezed and twisted both of my nipples hard. I gasped and wailed at this new pain. It was far worse that the manipulation of my sensitive clit. He eased back but still held my nipples painfully.

    Beg me not to stop! Tell me how much you love it! He twisted my nipples brutally again so the message was clear.

    "Please don't stop,"Â I whimpered "I love it."Â

    I CAN'T HEAR YOU BITCH!"Â he said twisting my nipples again.

    Don't stop, ohhh pleeaase, pleeaase, pleeaase! D-D-DON'T STOP. P-P-PLEEAASE!

    He stopped twisting my nipples, and turned his attention back to my clit and continued his expert manipulations. Soon waves of euphoria began to radiate out from the base of my sex up into into my vagina and uterus. The waves then radiated out towards my limbs. My back arched and I felt my pelvis lift upwards involuntarily. "What's happening?"Â I gasped. He was suddenly very still as my entire sex pulsed, throbbed and contracted around his cock in endless waves. A moan escaped from his lips. When it was over he began fucking me again, but now he was frantic. I found myself matching his rhythm, suddenly wanting more of him inside me. Our breaths were increasingly ragged as he frantically pumped away.

    AAAAAARRRARRGGGGGGG! With a grunting roar he pushed in deeply and released his load inside of me. He kept his cock tightly pushed against my cervix, holding me tight he moaned, then with a few short strokes he continued to spray my insides, then he collapsed on top of me. He was still for long time and I felt his cock shrink inside of me. I was confused and humiliated. In the middle of my violent, painful rape I had felt an ecstasy I never imagined was possible.

    I was suddenly aware of how uncomfortable my restraints were with his weight on top of me.. "Please let me up."Â He didn't move immediately but soon pulled himself up and gazed into my eyes.

    "You were incredible, Baby."Â he breathed. Then he did a most unexpected thing. He leaned over and kissed me gently on my brow. Then he lifted his weight off my body and released me from my restraints and held me close, my backside held close against his chest, stomach, and thighs. He gently smoothed my hair back and nuzzled my neck and breathed deeply. "I just love it when girls cum when I'm inside them. It felt like your vagina was giving my cock head. I've never felt a girl cum so hard."Â

    I realized he was right. I'd had my first orgasm. I wondered at this as I lay there quietly as our intermingled juices trickled out of my pussy. I'd played with myself before, but I'd never managed to climax. I'd always assumed the wetness that came from my pussy when I got turned on was my orgasm. I finally understood the words of one particularly experienced girl who lived in my dorm: "If you don't know if you've ever had an orgasm you've never had one!"

    I was suddenly aware of the fullness of my bladder. I tried to get up but his arms locked even more tightly around me as I tried to get up. "I need to use the restroom."Â He held me tightly for a moment longer to make it clear he didn't want to let me go. Then he relaxed his hold and said, "Okay."Â

    I entered the bathroom and closed the door. I removed my ruined panties and dropped them on the floor next to my bra. I sat down on the toilet seat and a sigh of incredible relief swept through me. I'd survived. My fantasy was fulfilled and I could go home.
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  8. MountainGurl

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    I had some difficulty relieving myself at first, but as my pee began to trickle out I had another shock. The urine burned the rawness between my legs, and it still burned when I was finished. For the second time since my ordeal began I poured cool water over my sex using the cup on the sink, this time giving welcome relief instead of washing away the embarrassing evidence of my earlier arousal.

    I then turned my attention to my blood stained inner thighs. Using water and toilet paper I washed the stains away, and then stood up to examine the contents of the toilet. The water was tinged with the color of blood. I flushed it away. I then examined my face in the mirror. No bruises from being slapped except for one big and tender fat lip. I was always amazed at how fast a lip could swell up. It wasn't too bad though. I'd had much worse when learning to play softball. I was playing outfield when I forgot to raise the glove to catch the fly ball I was intently tracking. Well,,.you can guess the rest. Just call me Jose-Canseco-Face.

    I lowered my mouth to where the water was running from the spigot and drank deeply. This strategy also had the added bonus of helping to ease the pain as the cool water flowed over my swollen lip.

    I emerged from the bathroom to find he had retrieved my backpack from upstairs. He had found my wallet and was checking its contents. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. He looked up and saw me and laughed. "This is great!"Â he said. He held up a picture of me as a mop-headed buck-toothed kid. I was standing proudly with my pet chicken perched on my arm. I'd spent days teaching her to fly onto my arm to reach the bread I held for her. In the picture I was pretending to be a master falconer. I smiled, it was pretty funny, and I really needed a laugh. I walked over and sat down on the bed beside him.

    "Oh, here's an ice-pack, for you,"Â he said, placing it against my lip gently.

    So Mr. Nice Guy was back, but there were no apologies, just: Here's an ice pack.' I relaxed and held the ice pack against my swollen lip. The terror had taken its toll. I was exhausted. Then unexpectedly I giggled. He looked up from another snapshot he was examining.

    "Here's an ice-pack! How romantic!"Â I said, giggling. I couldn't stop. Leave it to me to find humor in the worst situations. I suppose I just needed to release pent-up tension. I thought it was over and I had survived. Soon I gained control of myself and the giggling ended. He just watched me with amusement, and maybe a hint of embarrassment. I was confused by the sudden intimacy I felt between us at that moment. I couldn't possibly be feeling warm and fuzzy feelings for this man.

    I stood up and reached for my clothes he'd gathered and piled by my back-pack on the floor. "I'm exhausted, and I need to go home."Â

    "Fuck that!"Â he exclaimed, taking my clothes away from me. "You're spending the night. It was part of the deal!"Â

    I was too tired to argue, and certainly too tired to engage in a tug of war over my clothes, especially when I knew I would loose. "Okay"Â, I sighed.

    He grinned and pulled my naked body against his and pulled me down to the bed. Exhausted I soon fell asleep.

    Then it was morning. I could see the light filtered through the transom windows of his basement. I then became aware of what had awakened me. His hands were carefully exploring my raw, sore and cruelly treated pussy. I didn't want it to be real, I just to sleep a little longer, so I turned from my side onto my stomach.

    This did not stop him and I was aware of his hands spreading my legs apart to gain access from behind. He knelt down and began to explore the delicate area between my pussy and anus with his tongue. Lost between sleeping and waking I found myself enjoying this gentle exploration. Then he spread my ass cheeks and began to lick around and explore my anus. It felt good and I sighed. He spread my ass cheeks yet wider, and put a finger in my ass and wiggled it. I stiffened with surprise. It felt uncomfortable, but it also felt slightly erotic, so I lay still under his manipulations.

    His weight shifted then and he laid on top of me. That's when I felt his cock pushing painfully into the hole between my ass cheeks.

    The pain was soon unbearable and tears ran down my cheeks as I cried out

    "Noooo, Please don't! It hurts!"Â

    "SHUT UP!"Â he hissed, and stuffed something into my mouth. "Don't you dare spit it out!"Â

    I cried into the gag as I felt my ass being torn asunder. Impaled by his oversized weapon I was afraid to move, fearing it would only make the pain worse. As he pushed himself painfully into this unnatural orifice, he whispered in my ear: Com'on baby, I promised to help you loose your virginity. You didn't think I was going to stop with your precious cunt did you? I'm taking every bit of your virginity by fucking every hole you've got. Nothing will be virgin when I'm done with you!"Â

    Slowly he pushed in still further and I cried with the pain and humiliation of it. I was oddly grateful for the gag in my mouth as I didn't have to hear my own screams, or try to hopelessly reason with him. Accordingly, I made no effort to spit it out.

    Dare I say the pain was also incredibly erotic? I was confused by this more than anything else I had experienced in this man's control. He fucked me in earnest, not slowing to give my sphincter time to relax and adjust. He looked into my eyes as he inflicted this torture. "You make the sexiest sounds, babe,"Â he whispered into my ear as I whimpered into the gag.

    The tears rolled down my cheeks as I suffered from this pain and humiliation. I made little mewling sounds into the gag as I tried to hold back my cries of pain and the sobs of humiliation. I was also aware of an incredible unspeakable pleasure I was deriving from this painful invasion.

    Finally, to my relief, he withdrew. He then pulled my rear end up so my ass was sticking up in the air, exposing both of my nether region orifices to his attentions. He plunged his weapon painfully into my anus again and began to stimulate my clitoris. It was not nearly so painful now as my sphincter had finally relaxed. I felt a climax rising quickly inside of me. How could this be happening? Then it hit it hit hard. It was nothing like my first orgasm. This one was far more powerful, but I'm not certain it was pleasant, as it was over way too fast. Continuing his manipulations of my clit I felt another climax building. Then he suddenly stiffened and ground his cock deeply into my anus. I gasped as I climaxed again while he was depositing his sperm deep into my bowels. He collapsed and pulled me down with him, holding me tight. It took a while for our breaths to quiet.

    He leaned over, kissed me, and whispered, "I'll make us some breakfast. Come on upstairs when you're ready."Â

    I lay there and listened to him slowly moving away, his footfalls distinct as he climbed the stairs. I heard keys turning at least one lock as he exited the basement. I got up, retrieved my backpack and went to the bathroom to attend to some basic needs. My ruined underwear were still on the bathroom floor where I had left them. I decided to leave it and let him deal with it. I dressed then. I had another pair of panties in the backpack, but I had not brought another bra. I sighed. Bras were expensive and I only had three,...well, now only two.
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    I finished up by brushing the tangles out of my long red hair and gathered my earlier discarded clothes and stuffed them into my backpack. Then I headed up the stairs towards the open door and the scent of bacon.

    Breakfast was ready on the kitchen table when I arrived. I was suddenly very hungry and consumed everything on my plate without a word, washing it down with strong coffee.

    He attempted to break the ice with small talk, but I was still too much in shock at what had happened to respond. Finally he said he would take me home. Relieved I picked up my backpack. Before I could heft it to my back he reached out and pulled my back to his chest and held me tightly. One hand was held across my chest and led the opposite breast, while the other one slipped down the front of my pants and thrust down between my legs holding my sex.

    "I'm glad you wrote me. I had a good time and I think you did, too. Just remember one thing,"Â he said suddenly tightening his grip on my pussy. "This belongs to me now. Whether you decide to return to me or not, it will always belong to me. No matter who you ever take to your bed, I will be the standard by which all others will be judged."Â

    I was too confused by my feelings about what had occurred to talk on the drive back to the dorms, and he was quiet too. At my school there are only three dorm buildings at the back of the campus. He pulled up in front of the one I lived in. I glanced at him wondering what I should say. I discovered that I was crying, and started to get out of his car.

    "Wait,"Â he said grasping my wrist and pulling me back, "we need to talk. I wasn't sure if your virgin story was true or not. In my world we create some pretty elaborate fantasies to role play and we usually have a lot of fun. Maybe I knew you were telling the truth on some level, but your story really appealed to my own dark fantasies. Maybe when I realized that you were telling me the truth I should have done the honorable thing and kicked you out on the spot, but I'm not a nice guy, and I was really excited about taking every bit of your virginity. I don't regret a minute of it, and I don't think you do either."Â

    "You did a stupid thing,"Â he continued in a suddenly different voice, "writing to me and using your real address and providing me with your phone number before you got to know me better. Submission is an earned thing and you didn't make me earn it. You are far too open and trusting, and that could get you killed. I want you to promise me that you'll never act so foolishly again."Â

    I just looked at him, shocked by his speech and the concern in his voice. I realized he was not going to release his hold on my wrist until I answered him. "Okay,"Â I answered, "I promise."Â

    "Good,"Â he continued. I'm not going to contact you again. If you want to see me again it's up to you to contact me. Oh, and here,"Â he said stuffing some cash in my hand, "for new under wear. I destroyed yours. Buy something sexy and think of me."Â

    Before I could protest he shoved me out of the car and sped away.
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    Prologue: I never contacted Mr. Yielding Fantasy again, though I regret it now. He was right about one thing. I've never had a sexual encounter since where I did not think of him, though I think this means that I will forever own a part of him, and not the other way around. Furthermore, I've never had another orgasm with a man. (I've learned to rely on my vibrator for that.) This does not mean I don't enjoy regular sex, because I do. I've enjoyed the sharing and the intimacy involved with having sex with all my partners, regardless of my own sexual fulfillment. But the truth is that I want to have it all. I want to feel the sexual fulfillment I felt when I was possessed by Him all those years ago, and I want love and intimacy too.

    I guess I've just been too confused and ashamed about what happened all those years ago to face certain things before now. I still have rape and bondage fantasies. I remember the way I felt when I was bound and helpless before Him. I still use these memories whenever I use my vibrator to experience an orgasm.

    Maybe I'm posting this with the hope that He will read my story and contact me. Are you out there somewhere?*
    This is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Copyright 2005.

    Re-posting permitted as long as this message is included: Visit Ravishment University to find the best rape stories on the 'net! Just Google it!

    (And yes, a reciprocal link to is there!)
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    I loved your story. You are an excellent writer. Can't wait to read more. Thank you for sharing.

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