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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by jakelive, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. jakelive

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    Dear all.

    i have read a number of threads on hear on the subject, people recomending different methods etc. So I have decided to try 3 out and report back on hear on the results. The 3 Methods are:


    Now as i sit writing this I have done 2 of these, and have now decided to write based on the time it takes to grow to make it worth while.

    The idea is that I will shave once (im sure most people have done that), and do the other 2 twice. leaving it a number of weeks between. With the final wax being eveything below the eyebrows (and I do mean everything)

    well I opted to use a common old mens razor for this. Firstly when i did it in a hotel room. It took about 45 mins to get everywhere done as i found that i kept having to redo bits that I had missed of still had short stubble. I did give myself a good manual trim first to speed up the process. I found the biggest problme being that the effect broke up the skin abit leaing myself alittle sour. The shave only lasted 2 days before it would have needed redoing. If you were to redo it then im sure you would not take as long or be as much of a pain. The itch problem was big after around 4 days and lasted about 2. once that had passed I quite like the soft hair that was left.

    well I have learned new things hear. no pain and silky soft skin. looks fine but if you run your had over it there is some slight stubble (so could be better). The treatment didnt take much longer than 30 mins. This seems to be a very effective way of removing hair. I would say that this would be best done a) on your back with legs in the air. b) by somebody elese. I have been left with a warm sensation but from the instructions this is normal and quite nice. I would recomend this, very clean and no mess.

    So to come is the Wax. For ages I have been thinking about doing this, im sligtly turned on by the idea of having to strip off for a person i dont know who is then going to inflift some pain on my genatas. The first time i will just be getting boyzillian pluss the crack, the second will be all my body hair exept eyes, and head. Please feel free to ask any questions. My second wax i may well do for charity. Should anybody wont to see the results that may be arrangable in the sounth east of the UK. im guessing you will have to be inspected to prove that you have had it all done.

    Wax story to follow and end results and conclusions.

    cheers for now

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  2. Sparrow69

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    very well written and very in depth. I would like to add that laser treatment usually feels slightly better then wax, and lasts incredibly long. while it is more expensive, its duration outweighs its cost when compared to repetitive treatments. I suggest however, that you discuss skin sensitivity with your dermatologist. Generally if your skin is to sensitive for chemical depilitation such as nair, then you may not be an ideal candidate in some situations.
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  3. Sado_Dom

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    Also laser hair removal works much better on people with dark hair. People with light hair tend to have problems with laser hair treatments. Something to do with the amount of pigment in the hair I think.

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