Recently relocated to LA; interviewing extremely submissive Houseboys in LA area

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    Will consider anywhere from part time to live in. Must be available a minimum of 6 hours per week. I am a retired Pro-Domme and Head Mistress of Major LA Dungeon. You would start as a Dungeon house boy. Then, if you proved trustworthy, you would become a houseboy in My home.

    I am a strict Lifestyle Mistress. I don't care what you want. I take total control. I don't do any fantasy role-play and I don't accept any requests. I am looking for genuinely submissive men and woman who get their pleasure through serving Me and believe slavery is it's own reward.

    While I enjoy all aspects of S&M, I decide when, where and with whom. You will have no control over what happens to you. I do not play with safe words.

    Beautiful feet MUST make you weak, as I will use mine to control you. you must enjoy cleaning and the domestic arts - as they will be expected. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PLAY TIME WITHOUT DOMESTIC SERVICE OR FINANCIAL SERVITUDE. It is your job to liberate Me from the mundane.

    While I do not care about your financial status, I do expect you to be generous with what ever you have fiscally, emotionally and spiritually. I find that people who are cheap w/their wallets are stingy with their emotions. I DO NOT DO SESSIONS.


    Foot Domination
    Domestic Training
    French Maid / Sissy Training
    Caning / Wooden Spoons
    OTK spanking / Paddling
    Face sitting / smothering
    Human Ashtray Training /Cigarette Torture
    Face Slapping / Human Spittoon Training
    Ball Busting / Beat downs
    Strap -on Dildo Training
    Fisting / Human Hand Puppet Training
    CBT / Cock Annihilation / Castration
    Heavy medical and Invasive Procedures
    Piercing / Cutting / Blood Sports
    Financial Servitude / Tything
    Toilet Training


    Have no doubt in your mind - you will be My human hand puppet and you will learn to like it. I recently relocated to LA and am looking for personal slaves ONLY. ALL play is EARNED. And it will be earned through domestic service.

    If you don't know Who I am, and what a RARE honor and opportunity this is then either:

    A. Don't bother or
    B. Google Me so you know who you are talking to.

    I DO respect P/people's privacy. This is the one limit I do respect; ie if marks might out you; I will consider that.

    Experience preferred, but unnecessary. If you are the right boy - I will train you. You must be first and foremost OBEDIENT and just happy to bask in My Aura. you must be a hard worker, who can do as he/she is told and can also work unsupervised.

    When you are cleaning the dungeon, or, if your very lucky, some day, My home, some day, you know that Mistress(s) are not wearing latex catsuits, boots and masturbating while you clean.

    You will be expected to keep the entire dungeon clean, be able to pay at minimum the utilities (phone, electric, etc.) and be able to care for yourself financially. You must be polite and submissive around all the other Women, be able to assist on photo and video shoots, run errands, etc..

    Ability to participate in Videos A+ but not required. You must drive and have your own car. If yo are applying for a live in position, you will be provided with humble accommodations befitting a houseboy and parking spot. You must live in or be willing to relocate to Los Angeles.


    E-mail you supplication to [email protected]
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