Realisation of a foot fetish

Discussion in 'Stories' started by bryanl83, Nov 24, 2008.

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    This is a true story from only a few nights ago about how I realised I had a foot fetish. I'd only met this girl once before and what an amazing night that was. We met on a fisting website so you can imagine what happened on the first night but that's not what this is about. I already knew I had a thing for Fuck me Boots but who doesn't. But this night was different. We walked in the door and got naked immediately as we both wanted to touch each other all over then as she sat in the lounge chair next to my bed i started giving her a foot massage just to relax her. I have given plenty of women foot massages over time and have never found anything arousing about it ever. However this was different. Her feet are so small and delicate and yet so perfectly shaped it is incredible. I found that as I was rubbing her feet I was getting aroused myself. But soon enough she was relaxed and a bit horny so we jumped into bed. Soon enough I found myself with my hands bound to the head of the bed with my now master in complete control of me. I started licking and kissing her feet and sucking on her toes and I found that I was loving it. It was all i could do to not cum on the spot. She allowed me to indulge myself for quite awhile before stopping me for some more fun of other kinds but I have now definitely added foot fetish to my list of personal kinks. I look forward to having many many more experiences like this with the same person with and without boots.
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    Yay, another foot fetishist! As far as fetishes go, it's a pretty damn good one. Nothing expensive or obscure, and most girls will either understand it or just enjoy the fact that you enjoy giving her foot massages whenever she's tired. It's one of those few and far between "everybody wins" fetishes.

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