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  1. xcharlesx

    xcharlesx New Member

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    Greetings Everyone. While the forum venue of a great site like this one is an excellent way to share thoughts and ideas regarding BDSM, sometimes it's just a whole different experience speaking with people on a more real-time basis, like a chatroom. In that spirit, I've opened a new room on the meebo protocol ( You can join directly to the room by clicking on the following link.

    If you wish to use your own jabber protocol to join the room (Psi, Pidgin, Miranda, and so on) you may need the following information:

    Room Name: livingchocolateinavanillaworld

    The room is still in it's infancy, and I'm hoping that with your help we can make it grow and foster a healthy thriving community.

    At the moment, I'm also searching for people who may be interested in moderating for the room. If you're interested in moderating for the room, or just want help getting into the room, feel free send me a message.

    Thanks, and I hope to see you all soon!

  2. Flingress

    Flingress Member

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    i tried this room. it's nice and works fine. i enjoyed a loooong chat with charles and quite a handful of bdsm'ers.

    anybody interested, see you there... ;)
  3. MrAero

    MrAero Member

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    I tooo tried this room and it's really nice, you should come by for a visit!
  4. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    it looks pretty good, i'll try it out tomorrow night probably
  5. xcharlesx

    xcharlesx New Member

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    Thanks you guys for checking it out. As I said we're still quite recent, and we can use all the support we can find. =)

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