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    I'm a genuine Black Dominant who's founded a close knit community/ network called:
    "The Royal Nubian Alliance United Council." Currently underground and will not be "commercial" or out there
    to the general public for obvious reasons. My point to all of this is: I've reviewed your current thread here and I
    was simply taken aback by your input in the lifestyle. You're not only genuine, sincere, dedicated & faithful
    to Black Dominance/ Supremacy but simply enjoy sharing your experiences w/ those who wish to be introduced
    into the lifestyle as well. I seek loyal based participants like yourself. I want u to contact a Black owned cunt sub by the name of judi kowal. Shes' owned by a Brother & Sister Pair/ Team based in New York City. The cunt's e-mail address is: [email protected]. Also IM here through yahoo as well. Indicate to her that I, Sir-Lord Blaque of Morgantown, WV referred you to her. I need you to network along side w/ her to gain immediate, mature, genuine & sincere "active" subs, cuckold couples & sub families who seriously seek to be owned, collard & enslaved by Black Dominants within my Council and abroad. You'll first be introduced to her owners, Mistress "K" & Sir "J." From there ...... you'll be interviewed for possible "induction" into our growing harem and stable of sub-cunts & cuck slave bois. Only genuine, true to heart/ mature participants of the life style are to be encouraged to contact either myself and eventually those Black Dominants I listed above. (Via through their slave owned sub, cunt judi.) I can be reached directly at:
    All of my/ and the Council's immediate contact information is provided here.
    Until then, it's been a pleasure reviewing your credentials & history.
    Sir-Lord Blaque.

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