Rape Fetish

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by LeslieLynn19, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. LeslieLynn19

    LeslieLynn19 New Member

    I have a rape fetish. I am female I like the idea of being "raped" I would like someone to respond please and tell me in detail what they would do to me if they were going to be "raping me" please and thankyou.

    Submissive for life,
  2. WhiteRaven810

    WhiteRaven810 New Member

    I can't say this idea is an orignal by me, but while you were away from your apartment, I'd go over there shortly before I knew you'd arrive. I'd then find a good spot to remain unseen from. Then I'd jump at you, force you down, force your clothes off, and force you to make love to me.

    For safety, you'd probably want your "rapist" to leave you some sort of sign that he's waiting to lunge at you. Maybe leave the door unlocked or something.
  3. dskip

    dskip New Member

    Well i would wait for you to arrive home and just when you walk through the door grab you and sedate you. I would threaten you with a knife while you were bonded to your kitchen table and cut you by your cheek. I Would beat you constantly and then stop and untie you. After i untie you I would tell you that you could either do as i say and live or run and die. Then you wanting to preserve life would choose to do as i say. Then i would start fucking you. I would then cut you again to make you realize how serious the situation was.

    If you like this send me an email because im looking for a sub
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