Random Question? Am I the only Canadian?

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by SlaveKess, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. SlaveKess

    SlaveKess New Member

    really... I am the only Canadian on this forum? Canada has a lot of people (Gays/Les/Bi that are into this stuff) and... for some reason I cant find any other Canadians... am I missing out on a Canadian BDSM forum? -.-... well if you know of anybody send them here...
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  2. cookie

    cookie New Member

    I'm Canadian! To be fair, I only just joined though lol =)
  3. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

    xD I know a lot of canadians on gaiaonline (well, ok, just 3) but it was weird when half my first few gaia friends were all canadian.
    Unfortunantly, I'm a USAer
  4. MstrBrian30

    MstrBrian30 New Member

    I'm from Alberta myself, and new to this forum as well.
  5. StrictSoninLaw

    StrictSoninLaw New Member

    Also brand spanking new, joined minutes ago. Am Canadian. Was wondering does anyone use the chatroom?
  6. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    As far as I know, no. Knots and I have tried to revive it now and then.
  7. nerdjack

    nerdjack New Member

    my friend is from canada.......
  8. danyxs

    danyxs Active Member

    i lke camada :D
  9. BigFoD

    BigFoD Active Member

    I like this forum. But I'm new here
  10. BigFoD

    BigFoD Active Member

    I will be happy to work here
  11. fcdk

    fcdk Active Member

    i am new here
  12. fcdk

    fcdk Active Member

    this forum is nice
  13. SmellHerBooty

    SmellHerBooty Active Member

    I love canadian buttman!

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