Rachel Housewife Kidnapped and Shrinkwrapped

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    Rachel Housewife Kidnapped and Shrinkwrapped



    Rachel came home from the office and was grabbed behind by a very strong man. He wrapped a gag around her head and pulled her to the floor.

    She must have lost consciousness briefly because when she woke up she found herself stripped the the waist. The kidnapper had found their shrinkwrap in the garage and had used it to wrap her legs so she couldn't run away.

    Apparently he had been enjoying himself playing with her tits because those were shrinkwrapped too. He picked her up like a sack of potatoes and threw her over his shoulder. He retrieved her cell phone from her purse and called her husband using her speed dial. He told the husband that he had his wife and that he needed to come across with $10,000. The husband thought it was a prank and was not taking the kidnapper seriously.

    He tossed the wife on the bed and sat on her as he started to describe the wife's body to the husband. When he got to the part about her big tits and grabbed them and massaged them roughly. The husband hung up on him. He called the husband back and threatened to fuck his wife and impregnate her if he didn't come across with the money.

    The husband eventually agreed to pay the ransom and meet the kidnapper. What the husband didn't know was that the kidnapper was going to be a few minutes late. He had something to settle with the hot housewife. The husband was going to get back used goods.


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