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  1. nothereforlong

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    hi all I'm on here to ask a question on behalf of my Dom. I fucked up and hes left it up to me to find my punishment. i've come to the conclusion im gonna do a chastity type thing till he tells me to be free and do the temporary nutering seen here but i have none of the materials i need for it so i was wondering if there are any more ways to do it like making a chastity device out of zip ties or something cause all i have is stuff around the house. I need to learn my place and re train in obedience. please help
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    I can't give you a whole lot of advice about what to do, but I can tell you what not to do. Don't try to use zipties or a cock ring or rope to restrict the circulation of blood into your cock. Anything you do tight enough to prevent blood flowing into your cock will start to cause permanent damage to your blood vessels after about 30-45 minutes; do it long enough and your ability to get hard could be permanently impared. Most male chastity devices that I've seen work by making it painful to get an erection (for example, by putting the cock in a cage) and the pain kills the erection.

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