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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by royheest, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, me and my asian girlfriend are looking for advise on this matter. Basically what we want is to do request uploads of videos of her, whereby people can request ways of how she should be tied and we will try to fulfill those requests. With the restriction no vids will show her face. So vids would mostly be her hands and feet tied/ restrained whatever. Currently we have a few introduction vids on YouTube but we are wondering if that's really the best place to host a thing like this? Any advise welcomed.

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    I think your options are:

    Use a site that's intended for cloud backup. Examples:



    There are plenty more examples, but these are two that I'm aware of. Both of these are free, and the great thing is that to share videos you simply drag them into a folder on your PC and that folder is synchronized with the cloud storage.

    To share the video you can either post a link to the public folder, or to individual videos.

    I'm not sure what their policies are on what they may consider to be "inappropriate" content. But if you encrypt the video first, and use non-obvious file names, then how would they know?

    The other set of storage sites are those favored by the illegal download community. There are so many of those it's hard to list them comprehensively, but here are a few examples:




    You might be wondering why I split these sites into two groups, and honestly I think the distinction between them is very minor. Let me see if I can guide you in a different way.

    Choose a free Wuala account if...

    • Your video files will each be pretty small (less than 500 MBytes per video).
    • You only expect a handful of downloads per day, and usually not at the same time.
    • If the total volume of video files is not more than 5GBytes (but remember you could have multiple Wuala accounts to get more storage capacity).

    Pay for a premium account with one of the second group if:

    • You think you'll need more than 5GBytes of storage. (Example, with a Netload Premium Account you can store up to 500GBytes, and these files will not be deleted unless you exceed this amount. That's a LOT of video :) ).
    • You think you'll have a lot of simultaneous user downloads.

    My advice is start with a free account, and move to a paid-for account if you find you're hitting download or storage limits.

    I hope that helps. Feel free to ask any follow-up questions.

  3. Smallest

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    You could also post on a homegrown porn site, or do it over chaturbate (which doesn't record, but allows people to interact via chat and is free).
  4. royheest

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    Thanks you both. What i quite like about the YouTube account is that it attracts plenty of viewers, though its harder to make it clear to people that within certain limits we do take requests, so basically they can see her tied the way they want to. I am not sure how such hosting would work on those other sites mentioned. Maybe a free website would work?
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  5. royheest

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    To give you an idea how its currently set up, this is the link, its non commercial so I suppose its allowed:

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    Nice videos.

    Just a couple of suggestions.

    Obviously you need to preserve anonymity, so instead of worrying about including her face by mistake, why not buy a simple mask?

    If you search for Zentai masks on EBay you can pick them up really cheaply.

    That will allow you to do wider shots, and also provide better lighting. The reason your videos are grainy is because the sensor in your camera is struggling in the low light.

    If you plan to do a lot of this type of filming you might want to invest in a couple of photo lights. Again, EBay is your friend.

    One other comment would be about the bonds you are using. Of course it's fine to use "comfortable" toweling robe ties, but to spice things up for a video shoot you should think about more severe bondage.

    Are there particular scenes you have planned?
  7. royheest

    royheest New Member

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    Hi Stanley, I like the suggestion about the mask. I will also start buying some bondage stuff like ropes. Another thing I definitely want to do is buy chains and padlocks, I bet she will look nice restrained that way. Regarding specific scenes we like to leave that to the people watching the channel, and based on their requests we will decide what we will be doing and in what order. We really are looking forward to those suggestions so I hope people will keep giving them. She does after all need to be punished like this.......
  8. sebastian

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    Chains may look nice, but they're crappy for actual bondage. You just can't get them tight enough. Some subs do appreciate the weight, but that can get tiring pretty quickly depending on how strong the sub is.
  9. royheest

    royheest New Member

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    Hi Sebastian, I see your point, I could go for chains that aren't hugely thick though, in DIY stores there's a large collection of them usually. Alternatively cuffs could be used, with chains used to connect the cuffs, a bit like a prisoner on transport. I bet she wouldn't get out that way... ;) as I said though, any wishes, requests or comments are much appreciated so please keep them coming....
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    i suggess, almost never delete file from aff user
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