Question on advanced wax play technique

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by GGreggy, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I am looking for some info on a particular aspect of wax play. Until now, I have mostly played "manually" with pillar type candles. Recently, on a couple of BDSM sites around the net I have seen the candles being melted using a gas burner. One of these sites is SocietySM, and there is also a recent shoot on KenMarcus.

    Finding this technique extremely arousing (cause it looks particularly mean!), I got myself such a burner to see what it feels like. (I got a normal burner that is also used to make Creme Brulee and filled it with butan gas, like in lighters. Looks just like the one Ken Marcus uses.) Now I've found (by melting a candle on low flame onto some surface and then touching it) that it's very hot even then - much hotter than the candle would be otherwise. I cannot imagine that anyone would be applying this directly to the skin, and I also do not remember seeing subs becoming salmon afterwards. Still, they seem to do just that in these shoots.

    So, I wonder what's the trick here? I'm pretty sure they don't use a special burner. Also, there is not generally a particular safety distance. Could it be that they use a special type of wax, or even another substance? Or a special type of gas?
    Has anyone every done this and has hands-on experience with it?
    I'd really love to learn more about that. :)

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