Question about Nu-West/Leda "whippings"

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by RS24, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Can anyone tell me anything about the "whips" they used to use? I have many of their vids and I've wondered about it before. What looks and sounds like mean bullwhips, single tail, and cats doesn't seem to inflict all that much damage. And I've noticed the bullwhip that was used seemed to have some kind of extension or special end on it made of something soft. Anybody that knows anything about whips please chime in, and possibly where to get one like that?
  2. Smallest

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    Can you screencap it?
  3. Hi RS24,
    I know exactly what you mean. When I look at these videos I always assumed they were using some kind of lightweight material.

    As Smallest asked, I grabbed a couple of screen caps.

    Sadly the quality of these videos is terrible as I suspect they were captured from very early VHS tapes many years ago.

    In this first one you can just about make out the whips - but only just.


    In this second one you see the guy's back after maybe 20 minutes of whipping. OK, the video quality is awful but there's not a lot of red on there.



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  5. RS24

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    If you look right around where the stains on the floor are you can see the extension on the end of the whip. It looks like they take a normal bullwhip or single tail then braid or somehow add a soft extension on it. I'll also state my opinion that the "blood" whippings are completely fake. In those vids if you pay attention their backs or butts looks like they've taken a couple of swats from a toy flogger, a quick edit, and all of a sudden there's blood. I'm not trying to bash the company, I love it and I'll miss it but one of my fantasies was always to go out to California and have on of the girls whip me with the "bullwhip" until I "bleed" lol
  6. Even though NuWest is long gone, you might be able to realize your fantasy with a production house like ClubDom.

    But these ladies do not fuck around - those whippings and canings are in HD and seem to be very real :) I suppose NuWest could get away with faking it (if they did, that is) because they preceded HD video technology.

    ClubDom does occasionally advertise for male subs to act in their movies, but I suspect they won't be very patient with guys who are just tyre-kickers. They are a business, and they won't want a male sub safe-wording out early in a shoot. If you can give them some proof that you'd be able to take the pain (perhaps an endorsement if you've done some sessions with a recognized professional Domme) then you might be lucky and get some "free" sessions as an actor - and even get paid for it! In terms of anonymity I have seen them use masked subs.


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    Hi RS24,

    As an 'oldtimer' in the scene Ed Lee (Nielsen) told me sometimes in the early 90's that he found a whip generally called 'The Australian Dogwhip'. He also mention this in one of this early videos and told me about the material and where to get these whips, but that info has already slipped my memory. All I have left is a huge private video library from those interesting times in the dawn of the video era..
    Have fun,
  8. DebraNuWestLeda

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    I can tell you exactly what the whips were made of. Long, thin strips of dark grey foam rubber attached to a handle that is wrapped with black tape. The wrapping would usually extend far enough down the the length of foam to make it look realistic. No matter how hard I'd swing the "whip" it would barely leave a red mark. They broke so easily that we'd always have lots of extras on set when filming any whipping video. The "welts" you see are drawn on during breaks in filming, and the blood...what blood? Also fake. Why am I revealing this? NuWest/LEDA died with my former husband, known to all as Ed Lee. What remains is... Sorry, but due to ongoing litigation I cannot comment further.
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    DebraNWL: Thanks for giving us the inside details. My condolences on the dead of your former partner, and for whatever legal complications have ensued.

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