Question about d/s's together on the site

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Deviant Mistress, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Deviant Mistress

    Deviant Mistress New Member

    I'm loving the friendly forum :) , do many people on here have their dom/sub registered too?

    I'm thinking about allowing my slave to post here, if he has been good enough that is.

    Is this a common practice?

  2. Yep :)
  3. Deviant Mistress

    Deviant Mistress New Member

    I take it your a sub?

  4. Usually, but we do indulge in a bit of switching now and again ;)
  5. Deviant Mistress

    Deviant Mistress New Member

    lol...... I'm a recent switcher..... dom'ing just comes more naturally to me.

    So how do you play with your Master on here? Do you interact? Does he give orders?

  6. Not on here, no. On here we tend to prefer sharing plans and ideas with others, ask for tips, and share stories of remarkable things we share/do to each other during our playtime :)
  7. Deviant Mistress

    Deviant Mistress New Member

    Sounds like fun :)
  8. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

    My Master is registered, but he rarley ever comes on because he is away on business a lot. He reads all my posts, and if I say somthing out of line I will get punished. It's another aspect of my life he is able to control, and so he enjoys it. I do too :) lol
  9. subspace

    subspace Member

    My Top knows absolutely nothing about the site and my postings and that is they way I intend it to be. For me the forum is a place to ask questions, find/give support and learn new ideas. If my Top knew about it then I would not be able to speak as freely as i do because he is such a private person. I don't want to have to sensor what I say when I am here. I feel like it is MY little corner of the internet, MY support group.
    Now all that being said, it would be fun to interact with Top here if he were that type of person. I know we all enjoy the couples that are on here; OLP & MOP and Nix & Master Fruiticitum for example. It is nice to see a situation or scene from both points of view.

  10. I unfortunately have to agree with Subspace here... My Lord does not know about this forum, nor do I intend to tell him. Even though there's no real connection back to me, or him, I still dont think he would be pleased...
  11. Deviant Mistress

    Deviant Mistress New Member

    I can see why, as a sub it would be good to have a soundboard that your top doesnt know about, I was mainly wondering if it was a common thing to have both tops and bottoms on here together.

    My bottom will be here as and when I see fit for him to do so
  12. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    I don't allow my slaves access to a computer except as a special reward, but I'm one half of a dom/domme household, and my wife, while she is dominant, is submissive to me, and does indeed post here, although not very often. she likes to lurk...
  13. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

    My master knows I come on here, but she refuses to come on. She refuses to look anything about bdsm up on the internet, or thats as far as I know.
  14. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    where the hell is M.J?

    sup sparrow havent seen ya for awile
  15. Deviant Mistress

    Deviant Mistress New Member

    well my sub has just completed his first assignment exactly as asked, and is in the process of cataloging his clothes so I can dictate what he wears each day, when he has done this, providing he does his other duties, he will be given access to here.

    Having trouble coming up with an appropriate username for him. Its got to be humiliating!!

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