Punishment for my mistrust

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by IamwhatUwant, May 1, 2013.

  1. IamwhatUwant

    IamwhatUwant New Member

    I have let my master down, I have tried setting him up to see if he would be unfaithful to me. For my mistrust I am asking for punishment ideas and will have to choose my own punishment within reason from your suggestions.
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  2. Crazyguy123

    Crazyguy123 Member

    Maybe he could make you wear a chastity device of some kind and you could be deprived of orgasms for a while. You could probably buy female chastity devices online, but I wouldn't know of any good places to get them or how much they might cost.
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  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Honestly, I don't think what you need right now is punishment. What you need right now is a good long talk with your master to explore why you did it and whether you and he are right for each other. Until you figure out why your trust in him failed so completely, playing punishment games is probably just going to gloss over the problem or even make the problem worse. If my slave did something like that, I would give him a time out for several days to contemplate what he really wants, and then we'd have a talk about whether he actually wants to be my slave.
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  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    What Sebastian said. This isn't time for a lifestyle or play punishment, it's time for discussing the relationship.
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  5. What was said and done was a result of me breaking the trust (a long time ago mind you.) we have already had a lengthy discussion and a bit of a laugh about what was said and done and what happened was a result of me spending a lot of time on the forum. When she realized its not just a source of information but a place to connect and meet up or set up online sessions she was concerned as to why I spent my time on the site.

    I thank the stars I can still call her mine after the crap I have put her through, a little bit of mistrust isn't my biggest concern because I bought it on myself. After our chat I even messaged her back and set up a session with this "mystery woman" for this weekend.

    Therefor punishment will not be for what she has done but how she went about it.
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  6. darknova42

    darknova42 Member

    (Note: My idea only works if you mean having sex with someone else when you say 'breaking trust'.)

    If you're not averse to the idea perhaps you could bring in a third party for her to have sex with.

    You could make her watch you watching her get fucked. Maybe forced lesbianism?

    Have you sit fully clothed in a chair. Her nude and bent over, legs apart, with her hands on the chair back by your shoulders. Maybe weighted nipple clamps. Have the third party wear a mask maybe? and have them take her from behind.

    The punishment part is shes not allowed to cum. Have the third party back off if she gets close. Then when the third party is finished or its gone on long enough, spank her. 10 swats with your hand and order her to count and say sorry after each one.
    Letting her come eventually is optional.

    If the problem in the past was you 'breaking trust', then reversing roles would show her that even if her body is being pleasured sexually its still yours. You're the one she loves and will be with afterward and her getting fucked by someone else doesn't have to have emotional value beyond just having a good time.

    Of course this by no means should make 'breaking trust' OK. All parties are fully informed and consenting where as otherwise they wouldn't be.
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  7. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

    My last relationship was long distance and we'd usually meet up while I was there on business. The last time I needed to use punishment we had planned to meet as normal. We had spent the previous week in our usual pre-meeting discussions and she so knew that she would be punished.

    Typically we’d meet for dinner and I would have prepped the room before her arrival. This time I had her come straight to the room. I had her go through our normal pre-session ritual however I had her stay dressed. Then I had her unpack, lay out and prepare all of our gear, attach the tie downs to the bed and chairs, queue my mp3 player etc. We then went out to dinner where she sat silently and watched me eat. When we returned to the room, I had her strip and kneel while I logged into work. Once I was finished with my conference calls and work for the evening I showered and got myself ready for bed. During all this time she was not allowed to speak, move, look at me or serve me. I completely ignored her until I was ready for bed. Then I had her pack up all of our gear and get dressed.

    By the time she was done she was in tears. She was prepared for a simple spanking but not being geared up for play and then ignored. Once we were out of scene I spent extra time with aftercare and cuddling and we discussed her transgressions and why I chose this type of punishment.
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  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Rope: I think that was a good punishment if her offense was fairly serious. It served to remind her of what she would be losing if you chose to dismiss her. Too many people misunderstand punishment, but yours looks right to me.
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  9. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

    Thanks Sebastian. I don't want to get into details but she put our relationship at risk. She could not get out of her defensive attitude about the issue so I chose that method to bring everything to a head. My goal was to get her talking which happened, though for a while there it could have gone the other way.
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  10. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

    OP, per my reply to Sebastian, as I said my goal was to get her to a place where we could talk (or argue) about the issue productively. It sounds like you guys are already working it out.

    I'd suggest and evening out.... Set her up in a corner booth where she can watch you "work the crowd." Flirt a little at the bar... Etc. I'd recommend not drinking while this is happening. let her see you having a good time, but make sure you keep her in eye contact.

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