Punishing my husband's new slave?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Peruvianlily, May 1, 2011.

  1. Peruvianlily

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    I have just recently moved from Spain to America after I married my husband to whom I have been engaged for five years. He has lives here for the last few years and acquired a new slave over the past year or so. Alhough I look and behave as girl, I have always been dominant in our relationship.

    We have agreed that his new slave will belong to both myself and my husband and I intend to make that very clear. My husband knows I run this household. His new slave is very sweet but I know he does not listen at times and has not yet decided to listen completely to me.

    I have been trying thinking of small punishments and ideas to make it clear my position and his. Any input? He has agreed to all arrangements, he is just not easy to not be stubborn with times.

    Such as I do not like for him to drink alcohol or when for I request him to do small chores or sometimes his backtalk. It's all little.
    Thank you,

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  2. Sate_Sprie

    Sate_Sprie Member

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    I really like the idea of human furniture for your sub. You can assert your dominance by having him be a foot stool, table, ash tray, what ever it is that you need. This will show him that he is your sub and he will be treated as such.

    As far as punishments go, I'm not super creative, but I'm a very firm believer in quick and painful punishments, such as slapping, spanking, ect. They always make me behave. I'm a bit mouthy too.
  3. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    Brand him and he's yours :)
    as for punishments anything unpleasant will do like CBT
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    If he's stubborn, you need to be very consistent. You have to show him that you can outlast his stubbornness. It's not about who's more brutal; it's about who has the endurance. Once he learns that being stubborn doesn't get him out of housework/discipline/punishment, he'll probably stop resisting. Give him a rule, and give him punishment every time he violates that rule.

    And remember that punishment needs to be something he doesn't enjoy sexually. Let's say your slave likes getting spanked. If that's the case, you can't use spanking to punish him, because that will teach him that if he's naughty, he gets something he wants. So use spanking for play, as a reward, but not a punishment. On the other hand, if he really doesn't like being spanked, you can use it as a punishment, because he will learn to obey the rule in order to avoid being spanked. Punishments can be completely non-sexual (being made to stand or kneel in a corner like a child) or can involve the loss of something he wants (no TV, or no sex until he's been good for several days).
  5. meripa

    meripa Member

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    A nice idea, if the slave doesn't do what you want would be, that he has to eat his lunch out of a dog bowland if he has been really bad, then he has to eat dog food out of the bowl...
  6. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

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    Best method: Training Shock collar. You can get those in many stores. They are used to train dogs. I have had those strapped around my arms, my legs and even my testicles. Testicles is extremely harsh, so I wouldn't do that unless you really want to show him who's boss.
  7. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    Another good advice dress him as a maid :)

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