Public Humiliation

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Rahul, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Smallest

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    Why not? I see an awful lot of opinions but a depressing lack of discussion.

    I agree with you, but there's not much more I can say about why. Humiliation is good, but I think involving the public is bad.

    That said, Rahul's thing was one way of doing it without making everyone around you uncomfortable, other than that they might stop making eye contact in case she asked for a smoke.
  2. DChua

    DChua Active Member

    I don't like this either. I find it degrading.
  3. DearElliot

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    I always wanted to do this: Take a woman who appears to be glasses etc to a restaurant..she wears something low cut but not extreme..and dur ing the course of the meal, I excuse my self and go to the restroom, but as I say Im leaving , she turns and allows one breast to spill free, but doesnt realize it, so she sits there eating with one breast exposed.. I like the idea but have never heard of or seen this
  4. acko85

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    I like sex in tualele, in the dressing room, in the cinema, but just on the street in a public place, I do not approve
  5. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member

    We visit Berlin often and as far as I know there is no law against public nudity, but my experience has been that other than around the lakes and parks its not often seen. In Berlin if you wanted to you could demand you female sub, take off her clothing in public, of course there isnt the public outcry about nudity as there is here. I do enjoy having my wife undress when we walk in the park, in secluded areas, for me itis a small form of degradation and I find that erotic, unsure why. Degrading and humiliating is for some reason very erotic to some of us, I have no idea why...but the one rule still remains it must be consensual.
    Some years ago I used to meet with a couple, he made his wife undress while we watched, then we could take her upstairs and he would tie her spread eagle to the bed. Apparently it was something that turned him on and I liked it too..
  6. dyestnys

    dyestnys Member

    I especially don't like public humiliation.

    But once, I worked near a mall. There was a shoe store not far away. A pretty girls always walk there, and did strange things with a guy. For example, she made him kneeing, when try on shoes, boots...

    Once I talk to her, and tell me about her lifestyle. That was my first experience with femdom. :)
  7. benderXXX

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    i dont' like public humilation, but public sex so good)
  8. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member

    I think this is one of those things that work well in fantasy but not reality...For one thing the public is a problem, now in a perfect world you would have only those watching who enjoyed public humiliation. A goof friend of mine enjoyed a weekend at a retreat set up for those into BDSM, and public humiliation worked great there.. but things can still go awry, after too many drinks she found herself stepping naked into a room without any light at all, no windows etc, then the door locked. behind her from outside. Inside she felt herself taken by 2 men she has no idea who or anything about them but she was used in every way, without her consent. She was forced into bending twisting kneeling lifted pulled pushed and every orfice used, well used. in the total darkness then left alone. She has no idea who..and what could she do go to the police and say I want to report an assault.
  9. sebastian

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    Elliot: That's a terrible story. Whoever organized the event didn't do a good job of protecting the subs (or at least warning the subs what might happen, so they could make an informed choice to go in or not).

    I'm not a lawyer, but my guess is that she won't find a DA willing to take the case. It's hard enough to make a conventional rape case stick in court. A rape that happened at a sex club where the sub willingly entered a sexual situation is probably a hopeless case. It would take a VERY openminded jury to convict.

    While I'm very sympathetic, I'm not 100% sure I'd convict, honestly, depending on what the sub knew or didn't know before she entered the room. Consent is a tricky thing in situations like that, and the men who used her may very well have thought she had given her consent simply by entering the room. But a lot depends on what the ground rules of the environment were. For example, if there was a set safe word that they ignored, I'd definitely vote to convict. But if the room was a 'no safe word' play room and she knew that, I'm not sure I'd convict, because the doms might have had a reasonable expectation of consent.

    Having said that, I'm always upset when I hear stories about subs who were victimized by doms. It's wrong, it's traumatic to the victim, and it makes BDSM harder to do for everyone else.
  10. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member


    The lady was around 50, and went to these getogethers with a guy she liked, and trusted. I think he organized the dark room trap maybe 90% sure..and had the feeling he sold her in this fashion to a couple of guys for money..But thats just my opinion.
  11. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    If he did this intentionally, he's an asshole and a bad dom. She has my sympathy for such an unpleasant experience.
  12. Schweppes

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    I don't like this either.

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