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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by SpyqsDaddy, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. SpyqsDaddy

    SpyqsDaddy New Member

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    Hey Everyone...
    Looking for some ideas on subtle ways to discipline/punish my girl when she is disobedient in a public place. You know, things that won't get us arrested.
  2. nix

    nix Guest

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    Not sure what you're looking for, but maybe something to do with remaining a certain distance behind you, carrying something, or wearing something humiliating under her clothes etc?
  3. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Humiliating clothes. And I don't mean a latex maid outfit. I mean something that she won't like wearing, Like a Mormon missionary outfit (white shirt, tie, black pants, name tag, backpack).

    Not only will she feel bad, other people will avoid her like the plague. Or they'll try to talk to her about Jesus. Now thats a punishment no submissive wants.

    Other humiliating things to try:

    *Have her push around a baby stroller with a melon in it.

    *buy a drink at a fast food restaurant, then go in the men's room and make sure it's full.

    *butt plug under clothes

    *remote controlled vibrator (sold at better toy stores)
  4. Fire_burns

    Fire_burns New Member

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    You can always bring some discreet toys, like clamps with you so that when she is not being good you can send her to the rest room, if she still feels the need to disobey use your safe word take a minute and find out what is going on. Subs have bad days too so maybe it is just that, but if she is feeling the need to be dominant or non submissive then maybe you need to evaluate if this is the kind of sub you want. Also if your asking her to do something she is uncomfortable with in public that could be the issue too. If that is it, try doing what you want in a relatively safe public place. Go camping, skinnydipping or somewhere else there is little risk of being caught, but still the thrill of it. Basically find out if the problem is her just being disobedient or her trying to tell you she is uncomfortable with something. If it is her just being disobedient and you still want a sub like that, then by all means move on to punishment.
  5. Moskva

    Moskva New Member

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    ^^ I like the idea of trying camping or swimming...and unless you've done this sort of thing before - I would recommend trying it in a semi-secluded spot so you can both test the waters (xP) and find out what will and wont fly with you and your sub.
  6. akittenone

    akittenone Guest

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    kitten thinks it depends on whether she is acting up or misbehaving BEFORE you go out or while you are out, if it is before then she does not get to go unless it is unavoidable and then she goes with you with restrictions and conditions, hell kitten hates having to go out with a butt plug inserted, which has happened when she was being punished ( the bigger the 'crime' the bigger the plug )
    If she is misbehaving whilst you are out then maybe look at the situation, what caused the problem ? But nipple clamps or clit clamps are easily placed in a pocket and a visit to the rest room will soon remind them of their actions and the promise of further punishment when you get home
  7. olinda

    olinda New Member

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    My owner has a name he calls me to warn me I am out of hand, it is like a pet name and no one around us is ever the wiser. That is my que to get my act together. while I wear a plug regularly, if your sub doesn't you could always have her keep one in her bag to be put in at your demand. My owner has sent me to the car. I have been sent to the bathroom and told to put my nose in the corner, if it is a public bathroom she could go in a private stall, this is were a phone is handy, I stand in the corner till he buzzes my phone.
  8. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

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    Whenever i am out in public with my Mistress, i have to wear this remote controlled vibrating butt plug. Should i look at another woman or speak without being spoken to, Mistress Taryn gives me a swift buzz that lets me know that i have done something wrong. i am also required to address my Domme with Her proper title of 'Mistress Taryn' at all times in public. If either word is omitted, then i receive a vibration to let me know what i will be punished as soon as we're back home.
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