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  1. westpier

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    I've downloaded a film from this thread called the Abductors (its on page 1). The d/l was seven parts but rather than showing up as .rar files they appear as Google Chrome HTML documents (??). All are correct size (100mb each except for last). I've tried changing the name of the doc to .rar but it remains an HTML link. I also thought of trying HJsplit but that doesn't recognise the files. The only thing that happens when i do try and open the files is Google Chrome opens up but just keeps loading.

    Some other movies from that thread are the same, but others are ok and d/l as rar files. I've tried pm'ing the uploader but he hasn't been active for a while.

    Can anyone help?

    all the best

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  2. master jey

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    the original file is removed from the server thats why you get HTML

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