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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by lwmlwm44, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. lwmlwm44

    lwmlwm44 New Member

    Hi just joined the group and still figuring out how to use it and navigate around. I love pony play.....would love to find a tall strong dude who enjoys showing off and let me be on his back while on his hands and knees. Love feeling a strong guy under me and pleasing me. Affectionate into hugs and being close, body contact, a little kink new at a lot of this stuff but enjoy what I have done so far. Just love having a strong sturdy dude strip and pose for me abit.......maybe some piggyback and piggyfront lifts and rides as well as a good old bear hug lift.

    Into spankings, bondage, sounds whatever no blood, scat, kids or animals. Woody lwmlwm44 is my id name
  2. nix

    nix Guest

  3. orindaswat

    orindaswat Member

    "Love feeling a strong guy under me"- i bench 280. ill even put a pony tail buttplug in for yah. lol
    message me if your still willing
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