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    I've been scowering the forums for an answer to this question, but I cant seem to find it!

    I've got this plug that I just cant seem to fit all the way inside. I've been working on it for the past month, but the damn thing just wont slide all the way in!
    I know the basics, go slow, lots of lube, relax, work your way up. I've done all those things! The plug has beads of various sizes, and the smaller sizes fit no problem, but that last bead I can only get halfway in, and trying to force it in is waaay too painful. No amount of lube seems to make this thing slip in
    Its like my sphincter decides its done opening up and making way.

    What am I doing wrong in my training?! How do I loosen up my asshole?
    Should I try to put in in like once a day? Should I work with longer periods of time?

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    I find that beads dont work for anal training... The reason being, they really dont get you used to being wider... They will open for a second, and then once the bead is thru, you tighten right back down... I suggest a simple training plug set. The key is to find something that will KEEP your asshole open, not just open it and then allow it to relax back to it's normal state 2 seconds later... Also, keep the training plug in for at least a couple hours at a time and slow increase the time over the span of a week or 2 so that by the end of 2 weeks, you have it in from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed (I actually have a plug thats more comfy when I wear it to bed, but, that takes a lot of trial and error to not only get used to, but to find the right plug) Once you have the plug in all day, you should be at the point where you hardly feel it when you slide it in your ass. When youre at this point, bump up to the next size. Most training sets come with 3 different size plugs.
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    that's some pretty intense training!! (thanks so much! :D)
    time for some more plugs, I feel like I'm collecting them or something

    Its hard finding exactly the right one, because the smaller sizes are already plenty comfortable and easy as pie to slip in, its just this final size thats giving me trouble :(
    I just need to open up a liiiiitle bit wider to get it in, but its so damn stubborn!
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