Pleasure Bound

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    Gwen, a friend in Melbourne Australia, thought that she would tempt me by putting on her black underwear. She certainly achieved that goal! What she had not anticipated was that by the time I had undone her eyelets it was going to be more than her nipples I was after.

    Her bed was purpose built for tying her to. I did it in such a way that the more she tried to close her legs the more exposed her breasts became. And the more she tried to use her arms the wider her apart she pulled her thighs. The sucking and fucking I gave her was a rape fantasy come true for her. Half way through being given a work-out she was moaning and groaning fit to burst. By the time I came in her she was shaking, panting and tugging and jerking on the ties.

    I left her tied up for 20 minutes to reflect on what happens when a woman tempts a man!

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