Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by SoftCouple, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. SoftCouple

    SoftCouple New Member

    Just a little curious to what everyone uses as a playroom and what kind of toys you have in it.
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  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    We don't have one, but would if we had the spare room, and will once we do.

    We play in the bedroom mostly, and have restraints, lots of impact implements, dildos, vibrators...

    ETA Not that we're just a bedroom dynamic, but roommates mean that anywhere else would be disrespectful.
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  3. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

    Several homes back I had room for a home gym. I kept all of our toys in a window seat storage area and used the weight bench, chin-up bar and the rest of the exercise equipment as anchor points. I've also used the garage. engine lift and electric hoist come in handy.
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  4. demonbound12

    demonbound12 New Member

    Bedroom bound too. When we move we plan on finding a place with a playroom. We use eyehooks and rope door jams as tie off points for this and that, a good amount of toys, blindfolds, gags, all the fun stuff. She's been asking for a full out dungeon, she loves heavy bondage, wish I could do that for her today. She's earned it.
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  5. Moonlight

    Moonlight Member

    Bedroom here too. We keep our toys in a basket in the closet. I used to have an area in our headboard I kept them but a snoopy little girl of mine found it and asked me what it was. I was just relieve no one was visiting when she came strolling down the hall playing with some Velcro cuffs we have. I took them and put them up in the closet from then on.
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  6. SoftCouple

    SoftCouple New Member

    We also use an in home gym. We have found with a little imagination and a few glasses of wine any room can be your personal dungeon!
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  7. MrWolfgang

    MrWolfgang Member

    Lucky enough not to be bedroom bound here. We have a seperate room downstairs just for playtime. Its simple enough. I keep my leather chair in the corner and her bench in the center of the room. Thats it. Asides from a lil radio thing I put my phone in to play some music, aint much too it. The bench is pretty neat tho. I installed some drawer handles on the lower part of the legs to attach her wrist restraints on the front and to run rope aroung the back where her knees are on the floor.
    As far a the toys and what not goes, We both have out own seperate toolboxes to keep them in. That way everything is nice and neat.

    Oh and by the way hello. This is my first post.....gotta start somewhere I suppose.
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  8. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I like the sound of yours, Wolfgang. We're not currently living together, but will be small-apartment bound soon, and with a roommate.
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  9. slaveboy1930

    slaveboy1930 New Member

    Bedroom for us too. Plus we have a large walk-in closet that has eye hooks for bondage. It works for us. We play in other rooms, for example sometimes I would have to sleep on our laundry room floor shackled. One time my Master tied me up in the hall closet while she had some guests over - I had to stand perfectly still in heels for a couple hours. But most of our play is in our bedroom.
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  10. Smyttenkytten

    Smyttenkytten New Member

    We are bedroom bound as well. Although we dream of a playroom and have all but designed it for when we own our first home. We have a small linen closet that we keep all of the ropes, paddles, floggers...cuffs, and other toys in. We still need to get a lock for it as we do have nieces and nephews that come visit often.

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