physical assets?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Battles, May 8, 2012.

  1. Battles

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    Do you judge people solely based on their body or physical assets?
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  2. subspace

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    This is interesting being that we are on the internet.
    For me, all of the friends I have made in the D/s world have started as internet friends. Whats so great is that I feel you get a chance to really get to know the person and connect on a level that is beyond physical.

    Also, for me a sub, when seeing someone in person it is not necessarily a physical attribute that strikes but an attitude, demeanor, aura that Dom's give off. I can be eating in a cafe and suddenly look up and feel that presence and that far outweighs any sort of appearance for me.
  3. sebastian

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    Physical attraction is obviously important. I wouldn't have sex with someone I felt was actively ugly by my standards. But physical attraction is only one component of attraction for me, and often less important than personality. As long as there is some sort of physical spark, feeling that 'click' with the guy's personality usually helps build the attraction.

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    This is quite an interesting one for me. As I have mentioned in other posts I am a female Domme (in training) but who has had very little sexual experience outside of the BDSM world. A male friend and i got chatting about various things and he revelaed that he craved being dominated (or rather he liked it within a relationship). Now he wasnt interested in being in a relationship with me (he is also 7 yrs younger than me) but that he woudl 'help' me get over the various insecurties I had about sex and being physically touched and vice versa (via I suppose the whole D/s thing - and it helped build my confidence as I was in control of what happened and when. Now he isnt attracted to me and phsically i am noat attracted to him but he is able to get hard and maintain an erection when we 'play' and I react (although i havent orgasm'd - at least I dont think I have.) So dspite both of us not being attracted to each other physically - and actually in any other way we are still able to engage in these activities. I guess it really depends on the person - I know I like him a lot as a friend - and because he took my virginity i guess I will always feel something for him but as far as i know - and he tells me often enough he is not interested in me in any way however i guess he can put up with it being me as he gets whats he wants (to some extent) which is the D/s stuff - I guess anything is better than nothing.
  5. KayleeKakes

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    I think anyone can be sexy as long as they're confident.

    I do judge people based on what they look like, though I really try not to.

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