physical and psychological experiences on the stretching rack

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    [FONT="<font><font class="goog-text-highlight">Century Gothic</font></font>"][SIZE="<font><font class="">5</font></font>"][SIZE="<font><font class="">5</font></font>"]The stretching and racked on the torture rack.

    Here in Germany there might be some places and platforms for people who are interested in the topic coarsely but they are all different in their main focus, their justification and their behavior. This special interest and conscious way of dealing with the medieval rack is very rare, so I had to look international. Sometimes people are attracted of the rack but just deal with it very superficial just for fun and not aware of the expanded spectrum of experiences of yourself which the rack provides, other kinds of torture can also be included.

    These experiences take place on different levels: the physical one, the psychological one and the spiritual one. Interesting is the connection between the levels and the development of them, of the reactions and the emotions during the process. Can you give me a impulse discription about what's coming up in your mind in moments of extreme agony, in a space of physical border? Furthermore the aesthetic aspect of it is an others essential part of it too.

    This special attention to the STRETCHING RACK.

    A visit to the torture chamber is not for the faint hearted. It displays interesting and gruesome implements of punishment, including a STRETCHING RACK, cages, a bed of nails, nailed barrel and spiked chair.

    The serene face of the iron Maiden is supported by a horrible, larger wheel than life size hinged and spiked casing to hold a live body. The thumb screws, chains, leg irons, cages, man traps and branding irons remind of a world long past.
    The victims trembles in fear. innocent and guilty alike -- an abandoned castle and subjecting to grisly torments deep within its underground tunnels.
    Those who discover the terrible secret behind the disappearances and deaths don't live long enough to tell it. The visitors will all confront their fates in the torture chamber.

    Pain, fear of what is to come, of the unknown next instant; the shame of being made helpless, abject before the sadist/torturer/interrogator) the disgust, the pulling away inherent to such awful intimacy of self and other.
    Bodies, tortured or otherwise, are flesh, but also fluid and relational.
    Capacities for sadistically barbaric action.
    Bodies are thus sites of potential unlocked in encounter, in the collision of surfaces, in the affects connecting body to world and world to body. But in thinking of the torture chamber.

    Affect is not restricted to the abstract.
    Each involves bodily reactions; they are felt on the surface of the skin, in the movement of the face, the set of the shoulders, the widening of the eyes.
    But these affects are also relational. They are messy, sticky, visceral; they exist not only on the surface of the skin and the movement of muscle but are passed on in the encounter between one body and another.

    In the torture chamber, four affects dominate. Disgust – the torturer’s disgust at the abject victim, a necessary dehumanizing, one felt keenly by the victim and often turning to disgust at the self. Fear – the victim’s fear of the torturer and of their own weakness.

    The torturer breathing in that fear, fuelled by it, aided and abetted by it, and yet cut too by the fear of going too far or of failing to break the victim. Shame – the shame of being made abject before another, the shame of subjecting another to such horror, the shame of the other’s body made violently intimate, whether victim or torturer. And, above all, pain.

    The victim of “pain through torture experiences his body as never before.
    With which method or device, was the area of the pelvis, hips, thighs, legs and ankles claimed the most?

    Have you ever been located on a stretching devise which had a mechanism working like that, that only just the adjustment and the tension via pulling at the ankles was being operated the body length to extended.

    I am especially interested if you could feel at your extremities that the arms and legs were being stretched / racked, as if they could be severed out of your trunk / torso or pulled out. Did you ever feel like that?

    The STRETCHING RACK, from a realistic point of view it is an amazing form of human torture techniques,that the sadist/torturer/interrogator could stretch the limbs more as they could endure.
    The dynamics of consciousness in a state of uncertainty and fear of the anticipation of a helplessness while being kept in positionings and applications on the rack is a second level. The physical state can be observed apparently during this process.

    The legs and ankles are stretched, the feeling of elongation extends from the thighs over feeling of elongation extends from the thighs over the hips to all parts of the muscles and ligaments.
    The skin of the ankle and the associated fibers are stretched.
    The breast is flattened, the chest wall provides visible the connection to the thorax, abdomen and spine.

    The chest the lungs pull themselves together, gasping for air. the ropes are
    being pulled more and more tight round the limbs of the victim.
    Carried out in the medieval era by tying a person's limbs to chains or other restraints, then attaching the restraints to separate movable entities and moving them in opposite directions. Also referred to as "disruption" or being "drawn and quartered,"

    This design prefer being used especially which are systematically separated painfully area of your pelvis, hip, thigh leg and ankles, beginning to pull inexorable progress on the device to carry into effect

    for example
    By tying a female´s limbs to chains or other restraints, then attaching the restraints to the device
    Imagine how cruel this method of punishment is. Once four men´s beginning are systematically to stretch under the slow, inexorable progress tightens to move the wheels, click, another notch, click, another. inevitably , little by little
    ,, it's unimaginable what happens next. the act of cutting, tearing, pulling, wrenching or otherwise removing, the limbs of her.

    Dismemberment was carried out in the Medieval era by tying a person's limbs to a chain or other constraint,
    adjust the "tension" of a rope or wire rope (also called "cains" or
    "ropes "). in its simplest form it consists of and attached hand
    crank. The spool can also be called the winch drum.

    The cable´s is wound onto the four drum by turning the crank.
    temporary interruption is an mechanical brake or rachet and pawl device that prevents it from unwinding unless the pawl is retracted and the body and limbs remains in postion anytime the handle is released.

    The automatic friction brake supplies constant, positive holding action and
    prevents runaway then attaching the restraint to four separate movable entities and moving them in polydirectional directions.

    I have some questions and would like it to communicate the topic with Rack-Master and female victims on the Rack experience.

    These are to go further into a question by my search about the physical and mechanical load variation when the torso and limbs to stretching on the Rack.

    The many different physical state in awareness experience, to stretching the body and limbs on the torture rack.

    It's really seldom to come across a person with this orientation who wants really to experience the extension of the limits of stretching and agony and who doesn't exept a limit. I'm looking for a long time now for communication about such authentic Rack-Study.

    I would be pleased to read from from all perspectives the Rack enthusiasts engaged with a authentic interpretation topic of importance. Has the aim of combining knowledge with action are taking part in the achieving to exchange of real experience.

    Thank you for your effort and attention into this specific torture rack subject.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]
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    Just a few comments:

    Racks are not actually medieval. Like most purpose-built torture implements, they are 16th century in original, and therefore modern. The 16th century saw a real explosion in the technology of torture.

    I've never seen any BDSMer write about racking, but I would be extremely cautious about pursuing this. Racking was a form of torture because it pulls joints apart, and as most BDSM safety guides will tell you, joints are not something you directly stress during pain play, because you can cause permanent damage to them. Obviously stress positions and predicament bondage stress joints, so it's not utterly off-limits, but I'd advise you to be very careful how you proceed, because you could easily dislocate joints, tear muscles and ligaments, and so on.

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