Pets- and not the submissive kind

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by Smallest, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    So, does anyone have pets? I was bored and thinking and reading another forum, and I thought it would be interesting to ask here if and what people had for pets. Pictures would also be good.

    I have eight chickens (who are, yes, pets), a Schneider's skink, a German Shepherd dog, two cats, and a Bronze turkey. I wrote a huge post about her in another forum, actually. I do well with poultry.
    I'll find pictures if anyone's interested, and I'd like to see what you all have.
  2. Randomguy86

    Randomguy86 Member

    Awsome. How much does it cost to gain entry to your zoo? Nah just kidding. Wish I had that many pets because I love animals. But sadly our landlord won't allow it : (
  3. Ceilidh

    Ceilidh Member

    I have a French Bulldog, who was born on Halloween.

    And I have a part Maine Coon cat whom is called -besides his name- many, many things--- Fluffy, hooker, whore, fluffy rapist.... The list goes on and on due to the fact he loves -and will go belly up for- anyone with fingers and is not afraid to climb in your lap and head-butt you until you love him, or pet him, because he will find a way to get you to love on him hence the fluffy rapist name. Oh, and did I mention he likes to sleep on top of me at night?
  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Ceilidh- I love cats. But they're kind of like boring goats. I really really love goats.
    And I want tomeet your dog. Bulldogs are ugly-cute, and that's one of the best kinds. (like Boer goats! I can find a goat for everything)

    And RandomGuy, I'm not at all excited for next year, as I can only take my lizard with me. The rest are staying here, and will be taken care of, but I'm going to miss them. The turkey and chickens are solely mine and follow me around, and the dog and cats are filled with personality, so I will probably miss them more. And I won't be working at a farm anymore probably. Landlords=no fun at times.
  5. Randomguy86

    Randomguy86 Member

    @ Smallest

    You would get along with my mum. She loves goats too. Has about 20 - 30 of the stinky things. lol.

    Why do you have to leave your animals next year? Are you moving?
  6. HisFox

    HisFox Member

    I have the cutest Kuril Bobtail :) As his tail is very small and looks like a bunny tail, everyone who sees him asks why we had cut it off :D I adore him a lot, but his heart belons not to me :D
  7. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    People always ask why we dock our goats' ears too, but like your doggy, they're natural (Lamancha goats)
  8. HisFox

    HisFox Member

    Smallest, it's a cat :) I will post a picture here later, he really looks weird and funny, specially to the ones who has never seen this breed :D could you show your goats too, if you dont mind? ))
  9. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Agh I'm dumb.
  10. sir D's little one

    sir D's little one New Member

    ok. W/we have 2 dogs, 1 golden retriever tiberious, 1 black lab cross flash (should be flasher}, 1adult cat buster 2 kittens {nibbs and patch} and 3 fish. also 2 more dogs staying with us temperarily it is quite the fur filled home
  11. Knots

    Knots Member

    Two fish, two dogs, 13 chickens.
  12. vinta

    vinta New Member

    I have a goldfish :)

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