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Personal ethics of being a Dom

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Icarus, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Icarus

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    I am just starting to seek out filling my need or desire for dominance in all walks of life in a active way. Now in my area saddly there seems to be a lack of a big social scene So not only at my college would I be opening up the first BDSM type club I know of but also likely I will be asked questions on the exact nature of the lifestyle.

    Now as a person I come from a broken home and never desired to go to fully into the bedroom.However now as I am starting to really come into my own as far as being the leader in groups and becoming far more protective or some may assertive with others.Im wishing to extend into the BDSM in a relationship as well.

    So in closing, I would like to ask how:

    1. Any other Dom's out there have come from such a background and how they deal with that part of there own self and the conflicts that come up from the need to furfil your lovers wants but at the same time makes you feel like your old man from being so psychically dominant.

    2.How you would go about making your own BDSM club for a college/local area.In a fairly medium sized town.

    *edited* P.S By thinking of all of this I realized this may be my by best place to find others who have this desire as well. Is there any other Dom's out there who have a craving to corrupt others and more so the types that look very innocent. It is a very dark feeling. Hopefully someone may have some advice on that issue as well.
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    I don't know what it is exactly mean by no. 1, so I'll neglect to answer that one just now. I rarely feel like an old "man" anyway being 22 and female ;)

    no. 2 >> Sorry, can't help you there. I am very lucky to have many connections to BDSM clubs all over my country (which is rather small actually) as well as attending and arranging private play parties.

    If there isn't a BDSM club in your near vincinity, I'll advice you to seek out swingerclubs instead. Normally such places have a room or two that is BDSM-arranged with tools and furniture. Rest assured that others will seek out the same clubs, giving you an opportunity to meet likeminded individuals that you can perhaps arrange "dates" to meet up with again. Speak to the clubmanagement and discuss the possibility of them having a BDSM-playnight on their programme.

    The P.S.

    YES, I very much feel the same way. I love to corrupt innocence and often fantasize about regular guys/girls that I seduce into my own lifestyle and sexuality...

    Not a lot of advice I can give you on this point either. Many vanilla-typed people find the idea of BDSM mildly interesting in a forbidden type of way. They'll be willing to experiment a little, but will soon tire of the game that we love so much...or find it too overwhelming and scary altogether. I advice you to seek a partner that is already in the scene...and have her "play" the innocent little girl instead.
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