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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by knightnorth, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. knightnorth

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    Does anyone know anything about Hustlers Taboo Magazine? I see it on the newsstand at a gas station I frequent but can't find much information about it. Typically I'm in this convenience store in a uniform with a gun on my hip and I'd rather not have anyone question the integrity or reputation of my badge so I've avoided buying it. If it's just a bunch of pictures I could care less. But if anyone knew if it had authored columns, information, or stories. Or does anyone know of any other paper periodical that I might find.
  2. Hmm.. That is a tough one.. I dont know if you can email the publisher via online and see what you can come across in having a mail in, as its very understandable about the discretion factor!
  3. knightnorth

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    Discretion isn't my biggest concern. I was thinking I could buy back issues online or get a subscription. The only newsstand where I've found this particular publication is 50 miles away and the only reason I'd be in that area would be because I'm at work. Even with this worlds drive toward technology and wireless everything I live in the backwoods and paper publications would be useful for reading. My iPhone an laptop work great in the populated world but I don't get much 3G where I'm at. Just wondering if anyone knew of any paper BDSM publications that wasn't just pictures and porn.

    Thanks for the help
  4. sebastian

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    Could you bring a trench coat to work one day and put it on before you go into the store? That would cover up the uniform and make things more discrete.
  5. He would have to be careful depending on the position he has as in some states carrying concealed firearms require a different permit, LOL!
  6. knightnorth

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    LOL! I think the trench coat would add suspicion. No worries about carrying concealed; HB 218 - The Law Enforcement Safety act allows all law enforcement officers to carry concealed nationwide without permit. Even in downtown DC. I think what I'll do is bring in some workout cloths into work and try to find an adult book store in the area. There must be one but one doesn't come to mind right now. I just think I'm going to be overwhelmed since I've never been in one. I'm not shy and I'm not worried about being seen. I was just wondering what kind of publications were out there for the BDSM community. 

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