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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Geomike, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Geomike

    Geomike New Member

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    i am taking my Mistress to dinner tonight and She is going to have me drink a bottle of beer and then discreetly take my empty bottle to
    The bathroom, fill it with pee, then bring it back to the table
    And watch me drink it infront of everyone (with no one knowing of course).... I just wanted to share this as i am excited and a little
    Nervous and i wondered if anyone has any thoughts or has done anything similar before?
  2. tamisadomasochism

    tamisadomasochism New Member

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    i am not into drinking piss, but i would love to do this to you.
  3. ritualeclipse

    ritualeclipse New Member

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    That's pretty hot. I used to get my girl to piss into a vodka and coke and I'd drink it in front of everyone and only she would know. Nice.
    I suggest you get her to drink diet coke, as the artificial sweeteners go straight through the body and make the piss taste sweet.
  4. NiggSlave

    NiggSlave New Member

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    Shit. Where did you find such a goddess?????? That sounds hot as fuck.
  5. ObedientSub10

    ObedientSub10 New Member

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    I'd love to do this! Make sure you drink a lot of water too
  6. pipnik

    pipnik Member

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    toilet slave?! No! no! no!
  7. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Pipnik, you don't have to chime in if it's not something you like.

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    That's an incredible idea! I'd be so nervous doing it in public in fact I'd be down right terrified but it would be so amazing.
  9. WickedPleasures

    WickedPleasures New Member

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    First of all there is a big difference in being a toilet slave and just peeing for excitement. I suggest you try it discreetly if you are that interested in it. It was quite enjoyable for us when we discovered it at the time. It was quite easy for her to do it even in the beginning since she was never permitted to wear panties or bras anyway, a short skirt was all that was required. She actually liked it and said it made her feel like a dirty little no argument here :)
  10. SolanoSub

    SolanoSub New Member

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    one of my favorite all-time experiences was when my Domme filled my dog dish with Her pee, then had me jerk off into the bowl, then had me lap up the pee/cum combination from my hands and knees.
  11. indiano

    indiano Member

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    Better when she pees in a glass of beer. Will be an interesting cocktail. Yummy and sexy.

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    I love to lick after pee)))
  13. anna1987

    anna1987 Active Member

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    Hot topic. Say you have carried out his plan ???
  14. aughcer

    aughcer Member

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    It is happened to me once. At one of my city nights I had a kinky date with a young girl. Before we had only normal sex, but that night was different. I asked her to be dominant and doing extreme things. My surprise, she say yes instantly.

    She enjoyed peeing my mouth for example. We met at a secret hotel room. Before we leave, she peed into a coke bootle. Together going home with bus, and train. She made me drinking her pee in front of everyone. No one knows what I drink. It was a very hot summer night, a lot of people had something to drink. The girl sitting near me, drinking mineral water, while I drinking her pee. She even made me toast, while she had a waggish smile on her pretty face.

    It was very stimulating, planning to repeat this story soon, with another girl.

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