Part Time (1-5) (Gwenmedia, 2001-2004)

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    Part Time (1-5) (Gwenmedia, 2001-2004)

    Genre: Latex, Fetish, Strapon, FemDom

    Director: Bob Zak, John Fitzgerald
    Studio: GwenMedia

    Quality: DVDRip

    Part Time - What are you ready for work?
    Cast: Veronica, Mia Pavelli & Nomi
    Year: 2001
    Duration: 00:51:30 (684 MB)
    Video: DivX 640x480 29.97fps 1728kbps
    Audio: MP3 48KHz stereo 116Kbps
    Description: A young actress is ready to do anything to earn bucks. Escort service manager gives her the address to which you can earn. Carey arrives at the address and gets into the hands of the Lady, which puts her in latex, connects, hangs on the clothespin and tongue slaps on the ass. Latex prisoner continued subservience to the Mistress. Then the actress wear a lot of layers of latex, so even tuck in a latex vacuum bed.
    Feeling a little money Carey returned the next day at the office and gets a new address. She needs to come to a deserted field. But instead of meeting it receives a rag with a sleeping and wakes up already crucified in the middle of the field. There comes a night, but she is also one and tied. Easy money is actually turning into a nightmare .. - Part Time 1.part1.rar - Part Time 1.part2.rar - Part Time 1.part3.rar - Part Time 1.part4.rar - Part Time 1.part5.rar - Part Time 1.part6.rar - Part Time 1.part7.rar

    Part Time 2
    Cast: Emily Marilyn, Sadie Belle
    Year: 2001
    Duration: 00:47:48 (476 MB)
    Video: MPEG1 Video 352x240 (8:5) 29.97fps 1150Kbps
    Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps
    Description: Cary continues to look underworking and vlyapyvaetsya all new and new stories. Already it is unclear whether she really needed money, whether she could no longer live without latex and submission.
    First she moonlight servant. The latex dress she clean room and clean latex toys. Parallel to this, she fondles herself before вэбкамерой.
    Then it is tied to the half-bent position and with a ring in his mouth.
    In the next scene it catches manic-client ties her in the woods, sticking a lot prischepok and removes all on video.
    The new customer of Cary serves as chair, licking pussy Mistress while watching TV.
    At the end of hungry for money and the latex girl gets into the hands of a sadist who loves to play with the breath. Several layers of film blown hot hair dryer and are denied the opportunity to obtain Cary least breath of air .. - Part Time 2.part1.rar - Part Time 2.part2.rar - Part Time 2.part3.rar - Part Time 2.part4.rar - Part Time 2.part5.rar

    Part Time 3 - Poker Game
    Cast: Jewell Marceau and Eden Wells
    Year: 2002
    Duration: 00:50:32 (376 MB)
    Video: DivX 512x384 29.97fps 892Kbps
    Audio: MP3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps
    Description: What happens if you play poker on the desire and lose?
    First, you have to lick the lady, then "pigs" to sleep the night at her bedside. In the morning again lick Mistress's pussy and then, for the whole day, to stay tied to the bed alone with a vibrator.
    Evening you will spend in the closet, and then (in latex on high heels) will serve Mistress giving biscuits and lathering her back to sleep. Supper like a dog, you will be the dog, which Miss bladder is empty and put to bed.
    Well, you want to be the girl who knows how to play bad poker? - Part Time 3 - Poker Game.part1.rar - Part Time 3 - Poker Game.part2.rar - Part Time 3 - Poker Game.part3.rar - Part Time 3 - Poker Game.part4.rar

    Part Time 4
    Starring: Jacqueline Du Monde, Anastasia Pierce and Sinn Sage
    Year: 2003
    Duration: 00:59:00 (439 MB)
    Video: DivX 512x384 29.97fps 893Kbps
    Audio: MP3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps
    Description: Mrs. Jacqueline Deymond restore order in his agency.
    It binds a slave, but the second slave baluetsya with her - caresses, then gets strapon and makes him lick. But when added a behind with strapon - comes Mistress. Both slave girls are punished - one will spank the two straps on all sides, and the second at this time would sit in a glass box and breathe through the latex tube.
    At the end of one of the slaves are hung on ropes, and then completely tuck in a vacuum bed. - Part Time 4.part1.rar - Part Time 4.part2.rar - Part Time 4.part3.rar - Part Time 4.part4.rar - Part Time 4.part5.rar

    Part Time 5 - The Competition / Racing
    Starring: Anastasia Pierce and Mandi Slade
    Year: 2004
    Duration: 01:03:28 (517 MB)
    Video: DivX 640x480 29.97fps 1005Kbps
    Audio: MP3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps
    Description: A racing.
    Two latex Wild Child prove to each other who is better able to dominate. First, Mandi Slade Anastasia binds to a chair and baluetsya with her (gag, stack, clamps on the nipples).
    Then, turn Anastasia show itself. It connects Mundy, slaps her, hanging clamps, bring a frenzy vibrator.
    But in the end, be pampered latex, Mandi takes the upper hand! It connects Anastasia, puts on her mask blank and hangs in a metal ball from the ceiling. - Part Time 5 - The Competition.part1.rar - Part Time 5 - The Competition.part2.rar - Part Time 5 - The Competition.part3.rar - Part Time 5 - The Competition.part4.rar - Part Time 5 - The Competition.part5.rar - Part Time 5 - The Competition.part6.rar

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