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    This forum is so dead so I thought I'd better start an interesting thread so as to hopefully get a bit more activity here... so this forum doesn't just start dying like so many before it.

    What events have you encountered that, with today's science, would be considered paranormal? Or, for that matter, if you have great faith in someone else's or some other people's story or stories - preferredly that of people you know - then tell that, as well.

    I have encountered what might have been ghosts, as well as prophetic dreams. In regards to ghosts, I have experienced quite a few events, but the most convincing was when, in my parents' house, I heard a loud sound in a hall, that sounded exactly like "haoia-sh-sh-sh"... it was like the sound was in the whole hall and there was no logical source to the sound. In the same house, my analogue wristwatch once had gotten its date moved by a lot. It's of high quality and isn't broken, so that isn't it. The watch had been just a few meters from where I heard that sound at another time. And in the same room where that happened to the watch, I once was trying to sleep when I suddenly felt like someone pushed me with decent force in my back. Suddenly I heard ticking behind me and it proved to be an analogue clock whose battery had run out years ago, but now had power, again. No one had changed its battery and it went out soon. During this same time, there were a lot of very heavy knocks in the walls of that room. I kept thinking if it might be birds but I never saw them leaving their "nests", and the knocks were just too heavy for birds, anyway, and there isn't room for birds to nest there, either. And in regards to room, rats are even more ruled out, and why would they live in the roof area, in that case? Also, it just stopped after a couple days when I hit back in the wall as hard as I could and shouted to whatever it was to be silent. At another time in the house, I was in the kitchen in the night and suddenly heard a loud "clonging" sound in a fruit bowl. I examined what might have caused the sound but found no reasonable source. A badly placed fruit that ends up moving would not make such a hard sound; it sounded like a hard object hitting the bowl. As I by this time was convinced of the presence of ghosts (or at least "a" ghost) in the house, I asked if it wanted me to help it, somehow... I'd help it as long as it wouldn't start touching my stuff, as I told it. I went to bed and was woken up by something falling to the floor. I kept sleeping but when I got up, I noticed that a game disc had been pushed down from a location that held it firmly in place. The friction under it was too great for mere vibrations to have caused it, and I definitely didn't hear any vibrations when I was woken up by it, anyway. Also, at a later time, when there was roadwork just outside the house, I had game discs placed on each other at that very same place. As they were placed on top of each other, their blank surfaces meant the friction was much lesser than the time when there was only that single disc that fell down. Yet, despite that the roadwork made such heavy vibrations that I wondered if the windows might crack - and that for several days - the discs hadn't moved AT ALL. As such, this definitely rules out vibrations as the cause of the disc falling down. And electromagnetism cannot have caused it either as data discs mainly consist of just plastic and aluminium, and never iron. I can only assume that when I told "it" not to touch my stuff, it didn't like me telling what it can and cannot do.

    I could tell even more stories but these are some of the more interesting and convincing ones.

    I have another very interesting ghost story that I haven't experienced myself, but that many others from the staff have at a company in the town where I live, and this for many, many years... although actually me too, to a degree, when I was there, once. I'll post it later... I'm getting tired of writing, now.

    I'll post about my predictive dreams, later, as well.... my predictive dreams basically have been like in that series "Flashforward"... except I unfortunately only remember having had the dreams when the events actually happen. Extremely creepy, anyway, though, and I only started remembering dreams I've had in November last year, and I've kept remembering new dreams until this date. I've never remembered having had such dreams before November last year.... maybe this time in my life is important to me, somehow. I keep thinking that maybe I will finally find my true love during this time of my life.... there must be a reason why I've had dreams of the future for this particular time of my life. Also, for those that are sceptical and are wondering, I hadn't watched that series when I started remembering those dreams. Only even heard of the series when a channel started showing it about two weeks back. For that matter... if I'm not mistaken, that series is newer than when I started remembering the dreams in November last year. Then again, those who just want to view this sceptically could just point to any other, similar stories, anyway, and argue that I've created false memories... but this is wrong and I just know I've really had those dreams at a time before.... anyway.... I might tell about some of my rememberings of my dreams in a later post. Not as interesting as the ghost stories, though, maybe... but for myself... for myself, the remembering of these dreams are beyond intriguing and I kind of have to assume there is a meaning behind me having them... it's just too odd to mean nothing. :l

    So, anyone else with some good paranormal stories, then? :) Hopefully there are many others with interests in this stuff, here... this forum is so dead... hopefully this thread will make a bit of a difference.

    EDIT: Hmm... I forgot telling about one of the even more interesting ghost stories... not an event I've experienced myself but I know it's happened... I'll take it up later.
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  2. master jey

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    well sometimes i have something like this when you think about people and "after5 minutes" you meet them don't know what is this phenomen called...
    and i don't belive in ghosts

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    I find this kind of thing fascinating, and have had several interesting experiences that probably have no clear definition...however, I'm a bit tired right now, so I'll have to come back to this when I'm a bit more alert :)
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    I have always been one of those people that has believed in the non normal.

    I can think of a few times that I have encountered the paranormal. One happened in my own house. My oldest child says her room is haunted. She has seen eyes in her wall. When M'lord moved into our house she told Him about it. According to her it is friendly. People say that children and cats can see what most of us can't. Doesn't surprise me that she can see the ghost in her room.

    I have seen the ghost that lives in my livingroom. She is from the old days. Only seen her a couple of times and for only brief moments. We have a residential ghost down where I work as well. Not seen this one but know it is there. It would play one song for me on the jukebox every morning when I was in cleaning the bar. Doors slamming in places that no doors should be slamming. Shadows in brightly lit rooms. Things moved around.

    Most times it is hard to describe that which we cannot see. Sometimes it is a feeling or a cold spot. To me these things are normal, but there in itself I am anything but ordinary.
  5. ReallyGreen

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    Despite several family members who are strongly superstitious, a childhood filled with devouring every available scrap of knowledge of the paranormal, living in a supposed "distressed property" (aka. haunted house), and spending an unusual amount of time necking in public cemeteries I have never had any kind of paranormal encounter.

    I believe ghosts, aliens, vampires, werewolves and ghouls are entirely allegorical. People are taught nonsense as children (Jesus is magic, there are things in the dark, etc) and as adults their brains put patterns to randomness.
  6. subspace

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    When my grandmother passed away many years ago after a long illness my mother and aunt had a very difficult time accepting her passing. They both were suffering from extreme depression and an inability to cope with daily life. One morning at work my aunt and mother had a conversation that ended with them agreeing that if they knew their mom was at peace and could receive some sign then they would be able to move forward. As soon as my aunt hung up the phone she walked into the main office and noticed a fax coming through and stopped to pick it up. She fainted when she read the name of the sender at the top of the page was that of her mother. After much research she discovered there was not a single employee or client with the same name. Ohhhhhhhh – chills. :eek:
  7. Death

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    :) I have a similar story like this that I wanted to tell, and mentioned I would tell in a later post, earlier, but then I realized that it is too specific and may expose my identity. Not as convincing for others as this one, though, but convincing enough, I would say...

    Realized I can't tell the one about that haunted company, either... -_- meh. That was the best one by far... even I've been exposed to it when being there, once...

    Maybe I should tell a little about those visions of the future, though... unfortunately, they are pretty unconvincing for others... :( but for me, they have been extremely fascinating... kind of frustrating, at times, too, though, as I don't know if there's any meaning behind me having had them... and still having them, occasionally.
  8. Death

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    This thread didn't get that much attention, when I first started it... maybe there are some new members, here, that are interested in these things, now?
  9. sillylittlepet

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    My master has a few unexplained occurrences, for instance his grandmother died a few years ago and that day their house smelled strongly of a special type of flower that only grows in the Philippines (thats where she passed away, but my master lives here in the states! His parents hadn't bought those flowers and obviously none of his neighbors were growing the plants!!

    This kind of stuff happens to him a lot!

    Also, you know I've noticed our forum goes through periods of high activity and then hits a lull and then goes back to high activity lol
  10. Death

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    You mean it's paranormally strange? :p I guess it is rather weird... like the tea shop I went to, yesterday, in this city I'm currently visiting... I was the only one there, when I came there, aside from another that was just about to leave... suddenly people were flocking it... hmm. I find it a bit weird how that turns out, every so often... maybe not paranormal, though. :p

    I have an experience of "someone" that is "close to me", similar to your Master's, that is just beyond creepy... or I guess it wasn't that creepy, in the end, really... can't tell about it in too much detail, due to privacy issues that could arise from it, but how about what has to be the dead attempting to call you on an unregistered number from a house that was guaranteed to be empty, that those, now dead, used to live, at the moment that the person who got the call was getting somewhere, with others, to an event that those who lived in that house, before, would've wanted to participate in?
  11. Tumbl3

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    I believe in the paranormal, and I've had a lot of weird crap happen to me. I also see ghosts every so often. More often than not though I can sense them or feel their presence.
    See I can't say that my work/apartment are "haunted" because there are spirits everywhere. But I definitely have a spirit in each place.
    My work sucks the most because the spirit there likes to freak me out and scare me. >:\ Meanie-face.
  12. Death

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    I believe I may have had a dream about the Norwegian island massacre, in the past; like at most a year ago. In it, I, and a couple other people, are running into a poorly lit room, where it's unusually far up to the ceiling. I can remember that there was a lot of brown colour in the room, that was about as big as the main room of a small church. There are many seats in the room. We are just about to hide when a blonde man, wearing darker clothes, carrying an automatic weapon walks in, in a fast pace. He says nothing, and has a cold, determined look. Although it seems likely that he's seen us, we hope he just hasn't as we hide behind some sort of wall, farther back, on the other side of the entrance that he comes from (the entrance has a decorated, dark brown door, likely of wood). The second person with me doesn't make it, but me and a girl with blonde, straight, shoulder-long hair does. I can't remember if he kills him in the dream (I think it's a guy), but we know he will. As I remember it, we are able to see him, while we're hiding. We only do it for a couple seconds, though, as the dream ends, there.

    I know how this may seem but I really remember this dream. Maybe it's not related, though, but thinking back at it, it seems it might be.
  13. master jey

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    Have been in a paranormally active place it's a place in the woods that's filled with shadow people and there always are tons of red eyes that are watching you

    Everyone that has been in that place experience it some are losing crosses and some come back with ripped clothing...
  14. Smallest

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    The only thing I can't really say I imagined was a time I was staying at a friend's house. We were in bed together, just talking quietly until we fell asleep, and her bedside lamp flashed on for a full second or more, then off again. The lamp was far enough that she had to sit up to have reached it, and flashing on's a lot more odd than it flashing off. None of the other lights or electronics reacted, but we were a bit more than shocked (puns!) by it.

    Then a story about me, that I don't remember, is sort of... odd. If it didn't actually happen, the other two girls there are really good actors and have been lying about it for a long time, since I've asked both recently whether or not it was all a joke.
    Staying at a different friend's house, I was sleeping on the floor on one side of the bed, and my friend from the first story on the other side. I was more tired than them, and passed out pretty fast, while they stayed up quietly talking. About an hour after I'd fallen asleep, I sat up straight in my bed, speaking what they thought sounded like latin. I then swung my legs up onto the host's bed and she, kind of confused and assuming I was joking around, pushed me down. I then rolled over and fell asleep like nothing happened.
    In the morning, they asked me what that was about, and I thought they were lying and they thought I was lying. So either they've been lying about it for a very long time, which I can't really see from either of them, or it happened and I don't remember.

    And I have lots of experience with hypnogogia/pompia, but I don't consider that supernatural. Just sort of nerve-wracking.

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