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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by dozuki, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. dozuki

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    Well I am sure some of you know that I recently started to wear some womans panties and for the most part I liked it. On the other hand my wife did not. She didn't say no don't do that she just had a you do what you want attitide with a little "I really wish you wouldn't" thrown in. So I am starting to get away from most panties. Not because she didn't jump for joy mostly it was because things were not staying where they were supposed to and wound up getting pinched :( which was not good.
    Now I'm not hung like a moose but am a little above average and it just wasn't working no matter how pretty they were, except for the thongs and one maker of boyshorts which don't look all that fem except for the lace around the top and legs.
    So I went to an online site that sells all kinds of mens underware and found some really sexy looking little things and I do mean little. and low rise.
    And since they are low rise I had to start to do some manscaping since I don't like the pubes sicking up over the sexy undies. And since I was down there trimming things back I decided to give my balls a quick shave and that feels so good. :devil: I may have to keep on shaving it feels so silky smooth when shaved. Any how thats my update. Sorry if it's a little rambeling I just had a lot of stuff to get out. If anyone wants a couple pics of the new undies just let me know.:)
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I'm glad things are mostly working out, even if your wife doesn't really like it. It's good to see you back :)
  3. dozuki

    dozuki Member

    its nice to hear from you guys too. I did see your post of the present you got Tallest. Very nice. It was like langerie for a lady. A present for him and you. It's a win win.

  4. Indeed.. Congrats on your success in being able to explore options! I remember when you first broke the news and the challenges ahead of you.. it is great to hear you are making strides and progressing comfortably!
  5. dozuki

    dozuki Member

    Thanks for the kind words and remembering me. I just had to adjust my goals a little. The undies are still pretty hell one pair is lace. I plan on working some of the more mannish ones in later. Oh and I kept the thongs that worked for me. I love those things.
  6. Laenan

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    I love those things. It's good to see you back
  7. mcmillkm

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    really things are mostly working out?hahaha
  8. JSmithm69

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    welcome back

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