Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by jcbeautifulslut, Feb 2, 2013.

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    my daddy has a huge fetish for my thongs!
    he just loves them!!!!!! he says that its my taste and smell on them and well the fact that they are mine.
    i love his fetish for my thongs...
    anyone else have a fetish like this?
  2. firomon

    firomon New Member

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    Yes there are, of course..)

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    lol of course there are but i want to hear about it
  4. ashly2013

    ashly2013 New Member

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    My master loves smelling my panties. Recently he cums in them before i put them on it so nice having my masters warm cum to sit in . U should try it!

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    My daddy loves to smell them and taste them he makes me give them to him to have he also makes me put them on his penis before bed so he can sleep with them on him...I love knowing that he has a fetish with my personals....ashly I think I mite try that sometime :)
  6. ashly2013

    ashly2013 New Member

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    I def would recomened it. The feeling is un explainable. He does it everday before i got work n i like having a dirty ittle secret. Let me know if you decide to n how ur first time was i bet u love it

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    I will for sure im excited
  8. ashly2013

    ashly2013 New Member

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    How u tried this yet sweetie?? I misses you love your momma/mistress!

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    have not I am going to have my daddy cum in them in the morning so Ican wear them all day tomorrow
  10. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    That sounds like it would be cold, wet, and gross after the first 30 seconds.
  11. WickedPleasures

    WickedPleasures New Member

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    I was fortunate to have this experience a couple of times, but not all day just for an hour or two. I will paraphrase:

    Had my ex-fiancee orally bring me to orgasm and came all over her pussy. I then had (ordered) her to quickly put on her latex panties. This had a double benefit of not absorbing and retaining the wetness for a loooong time. She then put on a short skirt and we went shopping for and hour or so. She remained wet and squishy the whole time until we got home. She said it made her horny as hell especially when she felt a little bit leak on her inner thighs.
    It also provided, for us anyway, a triple psychological turn on. I knew what was there and she was wearing it, she knew what was there and the feeling between her legs got her even more excited because it was a dirty secret in public. Her pussy was a nice sloppy mess waiting to be fucked and she couldn't wait, and neither could I. Sadly we didn't do it that often and would love have the opportunity to try that again someday.
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