Owned on line female slave needs real time experience with Male Dom - UK

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    Attached are pictures of my on line slave T.

    She is 21 years old, slim, attractive, submissive and is very willing and eager to serve.

    I have been training her in an "on line only" capacity for eight months now and she has recently expressed an interest in being dominated in real time.

    Due to various factors I am unable to train her in real time and so I am looking for a Dom who is willing to meet with her for a session and do things with her that I would, were I able to meet up with her.

    Initially this will just be a one time deal, but if you both enjoy it enough then it has potential to become more regular.

    About T:

    When I took her on she had no experience in submission. Since taking her on she has been extremely keen to please and has, for the most part, done all the tasks I have set her as instructed.

    I have implemented a number of rules that she follows at all times.

    These are:

    1. She is not allowed to wear panties.
    2. She is forbidden from having an orgasm without permission.
    3. When she is allowed to come she must first have an object (toy, cock, hairbrush handle, anything) inserted in her anus.
    4. She is not allowed any pubic hair and keeps herself cleanly shaved from front to back.
    5. She always calls me "Sir" and refers to me as "Master". To me she is simply "slave", "slut" or "whore" and she responds to all three.

    She is located in the Norfolk region of the UK and can travel short distances by train or public transport. She cannot accommodate and would prefer to be dominated in a hotel room rather than your home (you would be expected to pay for the room).

    I am looking for an experienced real time Dom for my slave. Experience in safe Nawa Shibari or other such rope play is greatly desirable.

    Ideally you would have had your own slave in the past and will be able to provide all the equipment necessary for a real time session (ropes, gags, clamps, canes, paddles etc). References from previous slaves would be very desirable.

    The only items my slave will bring with her will be what I call her "slave uniform". This consists of high heels, hold-up stockings, medium size butt plug and her slave collar.

    The content of the session is up for discussion. My slave is usually banned from receiving a cock in her cunt, but providing I'm satisfied with her recent behaviour, I will allow it for her first session at least.

    Anal sex is definitely on the cards. My slave is an anal virgin and I am very keen for her to lose her anal virginity. You would have to have experience in anal previously and be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of safe practices.

    T is also very eager to develop her oral skills and so some coaching in this area may be required.

    I am eager for T to be bound and receive spanking and paddling to her buttocks, her tits and directly to her cunt. I would also like her to experience whipping or caning to her buttocks in time, but not straight away. She has never been bound and spanked before so this might not be included in the first session. If trust is built then perhaps we could progress to this.

    Certainly an OTK spanking would be acceptable for her first session though.

    She will take both anal and vaginal insertions of objects.

    The rest of the details are up for debate.

    The successful Dom will be required to video the session and take photographs. I don't need to see your face in the video, just my slave. Again, details to be discussed prior to the session.

    You would be expected to practice safe sex at all times wearing a condom where necessary.

    Please apply in an email to me [email protected] enclosing a picture of you showing your face. No picture no response.

    Genuine candidates only please.

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