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    soo as of recently i have discovered my new fetish for outdoor play. recently the idea of a neighbor seeing me turns me on like crazy. so recently i have been inserting my plug that i baught ( large doc johnson black) liting a candle and bringing a cane that i use to spank myself with. i sit out on the lawn which is in view of both my neighbors. i begin by inserting my plug and then spreading my ass and dripping hot wax on my ass cheeks and around the plug. i then drip some on my cock and balls. i then finish whats left on the candle on my nipples. i then cane myself until my ass is beat red and hurts to touch or sit down on. i then lay down and jerk off until i cum.

    the idea of being seen is becoming very appealing to me. i have been doing it every day that it has been warm out. i highly suggest people to try it. its quite the thrill!!!:D
  2. Years ago, my first boyfriend and I were caught having sex, but it wasn't intentional.

    We both still lived with our parents at the time, so he would park his car in the car park down the street from my house and we would play our games in the car. This particular time, we decided to indulge in a little role play with costumes, schoolgirl and teacher (he was a lot older than me). Anyway, I ended up riding him in the backseat, making a lot of noise, and I happened to look out of the window to see these two guys staring right at me while wanking each other off! And bizarrely enough, they turned out to be the exact same couple we'd encountered at a festival in Mid Wales a good 6 months earlier! :D

    And at aforementioned festival, my boyfriend left me alone in our tent, naked, hogtied and gagged, while he made the 20 minute walk down to the local shop. During his absence, someone was sniffing round right outside the tent, and would only have needed to pull the tent flap back to see me there in my sorry state... :eek:

    Now, with my master, there will be a lot of outdoor play once the weather gets warmer. He wants to take his Puppy for 'walkies' in the woods, and doesn't care who sees. He likes the idea of me wandering around in the grass, fetching sticks, even having a pee, all of which I find to be a humiliating prospect, but humiliation works together with arousal so well...also, he wants to take me out on his motorbike, wearing the skimpiest clothes and the tartiest boots I own, the idea being that we will pull up right alongside taxi drivers, lorry drivers, and really respectable, prudish looking couples in cars. In this instance, I think the idea is for the man to be able to get a really good look at me, without his wife noticing what he's up to...

    *makes mental note to ask my master whether or not I should wear underwear for these 'special' bike rides* ;)
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    To be honest Puppy, I think you have more guts than I do. Skimpy clothing is not my thing.
  4. Well, I am by no means confident with my body. I am too short and skinny, but have a pot belly, and really embarrassing 'bee stings' instead of nice curvy breasts. But having said that, I do enjoy dressing up, or down, as the case may be! :D

  5. Puppy. :mad: I've told you before how this sort of crap winds me up.
  6. Prissy

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    Is that in a good way, or a bad way? I am afriad I may have somehow, inadvertantly, cause Puppy pain.
  7. Aww...sorry master *offers up arse for a well deserved flogging* :(

    And about the bike rides I mentioned earlier in this thread...undies, or no undies? ;)
  8. Undies? . . . . . absolutely not.
    You can, however, bring some wetwipes and tissues to clean my pillion seat after the ride, I know the result of you getting turned on. :rolleyes: :)
  9. Wet wipes and tissues, master? Would you not prefer me to use my tongue? ;)
  10. Prissy

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    Hmm, I won't comment, I think i WILL GO BACK TO WRITING MY STORY. (Damn Caps Lock) I hope yoou will readi it Puppy, and her Master!
  11. I like your thinking. *choc drops for Puppy next meet* :D
  12. CHOC DROPS!!! YAY!!!

    *barks frantically, wagging tail and licking your face*

    :D :D :D
  13. Phantasm

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    Pics of Pup licking up her own mess plz?
  14. In the summer, yeah :p
  15. Phantasm

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    Oh sweet! Made my day :D

    I swear, if/when I get pics of me, you'll be the first to know, my dear :)

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