Our first meeting

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by hisdirtylittlepet, May 13, 2011.

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    Well I've just finished my first session with the_wife_doesnt_know. He's asked me to write this thread, but to be honest it will probably help me clear my head of all the jumbled thoughts.

    Well first it was amazing. I have had some experience submitting to dominants but this was different. I have known him for a few months but only found out that he shared this passion less than a week ago. It all moved very quickly but I felt safe and secure the whole way through so I decided to hand myself over to him despite reservations.

    Thats not to say, and Im sure he will agree, I was always the perfect sub. Sometimes I can be difficult and downright disobedient. This rebellious streak shows itself more the more nervous about something I get.

    *apparently Im taking to long so I'll skip to this evening*

    I was meant to prepare myself and my room for him and then meet him at the top of the road, unfortunately I was late back from my days business and so was not ready - not the best start.

    He pushed me back onto the bed, and looked down at me. His hand went to my crotch and I realised it was one of the only times he had ever touched me throughout the whole time I've known him. It took me a while to get over the shock.

    I can't even seem to get the right order of the following events so they're just going to come out.

    He pulled my hair, spat on my face, my pussy and my ass. It's the most humiliated I have ever felt.

    He put pegs on my clit when I refused to deep throat him, god the pain was almost unbearable. He forced my head onto his cock so hard I swear my throat is bruised.

    My pussy too feels so tender, my rabbit, his fingers and his cock all have fucked it so hard. burying all three so I could feel them pushing against my cervix.

    He also spanked my ass and clamped my nipples. I was in so much pain, but I hadn't really been a good sub so I guess I deserved it. Still through all the humilation and the pain I came hard three times (unfortunately without permission :( ) and felt myself verging towards passing out.

    It was fantastic. I know he wanted it not to be too much for me, but I had no doubt he was in control, even though I was fighting back and smirking I knew I would pay for it all and hopefully one day I can set my nerves and rebellious streak aside and be the perfect slut for him.
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    See PET you do follow orders! well done!
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    cum facial

    My eye still is red from your cum but its a nice feeling

    I think thats when I felt 'broken' lying there humiliated your cum dripping off my face into my eye and mouth. At that point I had no resistance left

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