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    Sarah's OTK Paddling
    Sarah is dragged into the room by Kailee to attend to her bad attitude. Kailee had warned Sarah that the next time she had misbehaved that she would be disciplined. Sarah is ordered to lower her pants and panties and get over Kailee's knee for a hard spanking with a small wooden paddle. Afterwards, Sarah is placed in time out to think about her poor actions.
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    Bailey Gets A Wooden Spoon Spanking
    Bailey comes in to find Ms. Burns waiting for her. Bailey has been caught, she had stolen money from Ms. Burns the night before and Ms. Burns is furious. She is yelled at and then order to pull down her pants and panties for a hard spanking with the wooden spoon. Afterward, she is put in time out and ordered that she is grounded and expected to pay the money back.
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    Stacey Spanked for Irresponsibility
    Ms. Burns comes in to confront Stacey about the condition she had left her car. Ms. Burns had let Stacey use it while her was getting fixed. Apparently though, Ms. Burns shouldn't have because the car was a mess and there was no gas in it either. Stacey made excuses, but the only things Ms. Burns felt she needed was a hard hand spanking. Stacey is bent over Ms. Burns knee and given a hard punishment spanking, then she is sent to clean up the mess she had made.
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    Kailee is Spanked for Her Sassiness
    Kailee comes in to ask permission to go to the lake with some of her friends. Ms. Burns tells her that she is still grounded and that she will not be able to go out. Kailee starts to protest, claiming that she has done the week of punishment and it is just not fair. Ms. Burns has had enough of Kailee's sassiness and tells her to pull down her pants for a spanking. Ms. Burns gives Kailee a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom and then places her in time out down on her knees.
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    Claire is Spanked for Coming in Late
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    Riley's OTK Hand Spanking
    Riley's pants are removed and she is spanked OTK with Kailee's hand.
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    Bailey Spanked for Disrespectful Behavior
    Bailey is brought into the living room by Mr. Daniels to receive a punishment for her disrespectful behavior. Bailey is brought over his knee for a hard hand spanking.
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    Mr. Daniels Gives Bailey An OTK Spanking
    Mr. Daniels brings Bailey into the living room to lecture her about her poor attitude she has been having lately. He brings her over his knee and gives her a hard hand spanking. Afterwards she in placed in time out to think about her actions.
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    Lily's OTK School Paddling
    Lily is in study hall with Ms. Burns. Ms. Burns notices Lily is slacking off rather than doing her work so she comes to check on her progress. After finding out that Lily has not accomplished any of her work Ms. Burns brings her up to the front of the class and over her knee for a hard paddling followed by some time out.
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    Lily's Hard OTK Spanking
    Lily is waiting in time out naked for Kailee to come in and administer a punishment. Kailee comes in and brings Lily over her knee for a hard hand and leather paddle spanking. Afterward, she places Lily back in time out and leaves here there to think about her actions.
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