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    So me and my pet are in a long distance relationship, and basically over time, she would only get off on cam and never by herself, and she would force herself to never cum until I said "Cum" or she saw me orgasm on cam. After a few months I noticed she would always orgasm on those two triggers, and I found that if I said "Cum" and meant it that she would orgasm on command, regardless of how teasing etc.

    While I like this alot, a bit of a problem is that she now can -only- orgasm on those two triggers. If I order her to start masturbating for me and orgasm whenever she wants, she basically cant. So my question to anyone whose done this sort of thing before, how can I get her to be able to orgasm "normally" I guess, but retain the two triggers? The main reason I ask is that while I like the control aspect, id prefer it if she wasnt constantly relying on my to be able to orgasm, rather me being gable to force her when I want to.
  2. RenamonX

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    Anyone have any experience with this before?
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    There is a phenomenon called "porn creep" which is essentialy a variation of what you describe. A person develops a mental block to orgasm unless the right conditions (in this case porn or the two triggers you describe) are met. Most commonly, some people who excessively watch porn are no longer turned on by real women/men because in reality, they do not live in their perfect fantasy induced by the porn. Its possible your sub suffers from the same dilema, and is so focussed on the present triggers that arousal and release do not happen without them.

    Luckily, there is a simple but not easy fix. Like any habbit, it can be broken and from what you describe, it should be. Stay away from masturbation and orgasm control for a while until she manages to come "normaly" again. Pay attention to what she likes and what arouses her and focus on that.
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    Incidentally, what you're describing is the actual psychological definition of a fetish, an object, situation, or activity that is required to achieve sexual gratification.

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