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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by slave_k, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. slave_k

    slave_k New Member

    I am new to the scene, and for now am looking for an online only master or msitress.

    I want someone who can teach me the ropes, as it were, but at the same time who can be kind and caring with the after care. Also someone patient as I can be shy and lack in confidence

    I am in the uk, tho that isnt an issues right now as i want only online at the moment.

    I am a larger lady, so please dont contact me if weight bothers you, i dont need insults about my weight I have enough issues surrounding this already.

    would also like to have online contact with your other subs, if you have others as i assume you will do.

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  2. kixfix

    kixfix Member

  3. MasterJ90

    MasterJ90 New Member

    PM Sent
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  4. The_Master221

    The_Master221 New Member

    I would normally take you up right away OP, however My sub's experiences with me are strictly ours alone. I keep all my sub's lives separate. Oh well.
  5. dom_UK

    dom_UK New Member

    i would love to play with you online
  6. Txmstr

    Txmstr New Member

    sent you a pm
  7. MasterN

    MasterN New Member

    Female want to be a slave to me? If so then send a pic of your tits, ass, pussy, and one of your whole nude body, one of clamps on ur nipples and clit, one of two figers in ur pussy, one of two fingers in your ass, one of u cumming, and one of ur face in ur cum puddle in a email to U must do this before I will accept u as my slave. i want to see how submissive u are.

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